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Boy, it was nice to have that week off. It didn’t feel like a week, but it was nice to have it none the less. Seriously, I’ve been back only for a few days and I’m already feeling in need of another vacation. Isn’t that always the case? Okay, question…have you ever heard of people getting back from a vacation and taking another personal day just so that they can unwind or whatever from the vacation? Sounds weird, right? I get it, hell everyone would love to do it, but…well, gotta get stuff done.

I made a big fuss about finally going and getting a tattoo last week. I always tell you guys that yea, I’m finally gonna get it done…today is going to be the day. I usually always wuss out and make an excuse about the design not being done, or not being able to find a good artist, or some blah blah blah. Well…


I’ve finally got my heart on my sleeve, and can say that I’m wearing some ink. I’ve talked about getting something media related for quite some time, but this design just felt right for a first tattoo. It’s not overly complicated, though my artist, Smitty, said that all the blockiness was going to be a bitch.

I guess my experience was unique unto itself, but I don’t know what all these people are getting at saying that tattoos hurt so much. I didn’t feel like it hurt at all. I guess if you feel like getting a shot at the doctor’s office hurts, then you might feel some pain, but that’s what it felt like; a shot for an extended period of time. But yea, I’m glad that I’m finally part of this club. It feels cool. If you like the work and want to visit where I went, you can look up Randy Adams Tattoo Studio in Fort Worth. My artist was Smitty.

The dad and I also made it out to the Dallas Auto Show, or I guess it’s the DFW Auto Show now. There was some cool new stuff there, but I’ve noticed a depressing trend at the Auto Show over the past few times I’ve made it out. The first few times I’ve been, the show was rich concept cars and futuristic looking vehicles. The days of concept cars at the show here are long over though. I don’t know whether the DFW Auto Show has lost its prestige, or whether the city just isn’t forking over the money to get some more quality vehicles, but we’re not getting the same kind of show here that we used to. Here’s a small selection of the cooler vessels present at the show this year.





Some very nice cars, but nothing that gives us any real glance at the future. Several years ago, Jeep featured a concept car that could best be described as a Jeep convertible roadster.


Long gone are the days of concept cars like this. Unless we try to go to the New York Auto Show or SEMA some year, I doubt I’ll see another one.
The pop and I also did some golfing one morning, but beyond that, those are pretty much the highlights of my Spring Break. The rest of the week was well occupied just chilling out and playing video games.

We also recorded a special 90 minute long episode of The Status Bro Show over the break. We were absent a key member, but we also had on a special guest, so the show went on anyways.
Episode #7 was recorded tonight, and as usual we could easily have gone another half hour when the time came for us to call it quits. I always feel like excessive self praise is akin to masturbation, but I feel like we have lightning in a bottle here. Not a whole lot of people can put on a good hour long show of solid entertainment, let alone do it consistently every week. We continue to have a stockpile of material that seems like it will never be dwindled down.
I feel like what we have is a thing, and a pretty good thing.

That being said, there is always room for improvement. We could be doing more to reach out and establish a broader fan base. We could do more to enhance our technology and quality of the sound of our podcast. Heck, we could probably put in some research to come up with some better quality content as well. To do any of that though, we need some breathing room, and doing a completely expense free podcast every week, and putting it out at no cost to our listeners doesn’t leave us much room to breath. We could really use some kind of fundraiser. We talked a little bit tonight about possibly firing up a Kickstarter campaign, but that doesn’t guarantee that we’ll get anything. Indiegogo is something else I’ve heard of that could guarantee us some kind of return on a fundraising campaign, but not a whole lot of people even know what that is. We need something, because of right now, we are operating completely out of our own pockets. If we want to keep up the good work, or stand a chance of improving, we need to establish some kind of cashflow.
We can keep on for a bit as we are, but we really need to be looking forward. The bare minimum can only be acceptable for so long.

We’ll do our best to keep our eyes on the prize, as long as y’all keep promising to let us entertain you for a while. As always…

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.


Fajitas sans tortillas and bacon wrapped jalapeños.

Fajitas sans tortillas and bacon wrapped jalapeños.


This thought process is going to be very metaphorical, so I hope you guys can hold on.

I very rarely find myself driving down the road, look to my right, and see anyone in the passenger seat. Those rare opportunities that I do, I usually still find myself nodding and singing with the music than interacting.
That passenger seat…it’s extremely useless to me, it seems.

I love having the seat there, but I’m not sure I know what to do when anyone takes a seat. I like the company, don’t get me wrong, and I honestly prefer it when that seat is occupied, but I feel like I’m destined to drive the streets on my own.

Maybe it’s because I have bad timing.
I’ll try and drop the metaphors.

I don’t like being alone, but at this point, I don’t know any other way to operate. My mouth seems to maintain that status quo more than anything else. I never know when to hold my cards and when to play them, and even when it comes to actual cards, I’m a notoriously shoddy card player. I’ve even been told before, and I quote, “You can’t bluff your mother.”

People will see what they want to see, and if they don’t like it, I guess that’s tough for both of us, but I make no apologies for who I am, or the fact that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m honest…sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

heart on sleeve shirt etsy


Episode 2.5 of  The Status Bro Show is now available on iTunes. I say episode 2.5 because this is the replacement episode that we recorded on Monday. We’re still planning on recording another episode this week as to try and maintain the 1-per-week that we were aiming for. Check it out and see how bad we manage to deprecate ourselves this week. More to come later this week.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– CVSleen

Marinated Oven-baked Tilapia

Marinated Oven-baked Tilapia