About “CVSleen”

Trying to find a place for myself in the music realm. I’m an amateur musician, music producer/engineer, and a general Audio/Video nut.

I graduated from Tarrant County College with an AAS in Radio/Television Broadcasting. I’ve spent some time interning at Maximedia Studios, a massive music studio in north Dallas. Currently, I’m back at school at the University of North Texas, working on my Bachelors in Radio/Television/Film. I’m hoping that will be a good jumping off point for trying to get into Music Production. I also used to do graphics out at Lone Star Park in Grand Prairie.

As always, when there’s any down time, I’m working on any number of music or film projects.

I make music, I love to edit audio and video, I write scripts, I make videos, I play video games, and I love a good movie.

I have spent the better and worse half of the past 10 years dedicating myself to music and film, and intend to keep doing so for as long as I can breathe and listen. Thanks for lending an ear and listening along!


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