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Howdy y’all! I would come right out and ask you how your week is going, but this past week has just felt like one of those weeks that…it’s not a bad week, but you’re certainly not getting anything done. I might argue that this coming week is going to be the same, but at the bare minimum I have a film that I have to shoot. I guess I’m properly back to work.

Speaking of film, I’ve been watching a few scary movies lately, trying to find something that will scare me. I’m convinced at this point that a movie will never be able to do it. A movie can freak me out well enough, but when movies attempt to be scary, all I ever do is laugh.
It’s going to have to be something real life that really gets me creeped out. The real life paranormal is something that people like to fight over quite a bit, and it usually boils down to whether you’ve experienced the paranormal or not.
Now, I’m a skeptic of the paranormal, even though I may have experienced it myself. The fact is, I really have no idea what I saw, but…well, let’s start from the beginning…
I used to work at a golf course, and as the days drew to a close, there were always numerous activities for which we had to set out onto the course. One of the things that we typically had to do was go out to the driving range one last time, jump in the “picker”, and clean up the range for the night. I always liked this job because it let me put my iPod on, and just drive around for a bit, while everyone else actually did work. By the time we went out for these final duties, we were all closed up. There was one night I can remember when I was out there taking the end-of-day picking duty, chugging along and listening to my music, when I see a golf ball bounce past me. I thought, “what the hell”, and spun the cart around to aim its lights at the shooting area. There, right smack dab in the middle was some guy hitting balls into the range. I yelled at him that we were closed, but he seemed to ignore me. I think I cussed at him under my breath, and went back to picking in my little rolling cage. I kept my routine moving along, and noticed at one point that he had gone. I finished my run, packed up all my balls, and headed back for the cart barn. Once I returned, I remember asking my co-workers something like, “Was that a Gold Member you let out there? What the hell?” “What are you talking about?” one of them replied. “That dude you let out on the range,” I said, “he was hitting at me for a while.” My coworkers looked at one another and said back to me, “Dude, we didn’t let anyone out there. Why would we? We picked up all the balls from the tee after we dropped you off.”
I decided not to question them any further, but they reckon that I saw a ghost out there, hitting balls in the darkness. I could argue against them all day long, that it’s entirely possible that this person bypassed the clubhouse and just ran out to the the driving range from the road, but no real golfer would hit his own balls out into the driving range. So, like I said before, I don’t know what I saw. It could have been an idiot golfer, roguely taking to the range in the dark and dispatching a box of balls that he payed for…or that I saw a ghost out there working on his backswing. I would wonder what kind of lost soul would spend part of his afterlife working on his slice at night, but I bet that my dad might haunt the course every now and then once he’s gone.

Ghost Golfer

I’m also told that my current workplace is a great place to be if you want to be quite spooked out at night. Most of us are all heading out to our cars when the 4’o’clock whistle blows, and I don’t really know anyone who would stay out there past 6, at least in the warehouse. I don’t know why anybody would come back at night, but evidently a few of my coworkers know that this place makes all kinds of strange noises at night…and that’s also when the critters decide to come out. What kind of critters do we get? Tarantulas…huge spiders. Yea, you won’t find me staying after hours out at the warehouse. I was waiting on the bus at school the other day and saw a spider roaming around that was about the size of a half dollar. I don’t think I could have nope’d out of there much quicker.

Speaking of things that I’ve seen out on campus, there’s a new fad going around. What is the deal with these shark backpacks that I’m seeing everyone going around with?


This is possibly the most retarded looking thing I’ve seen, unless you’re still in elementary school…and in that case, it’s actually kind of cute. But I’ve seen dozens of people walking about their higher education with these gaping idiot sacks on their backs. This fad may already be on its way out, but it has me wondering…what other fads have we bought into in our careers as human beings, and which are the ones that we are most embarrassed of?


Who remembers buying into Beanie Babies, either with the understanding that they were going to be worth a ridiculous amount of money later in life, or that they were just ridiculously cute. Yea, I bought a couple when I was a kid…and I think as attention deficit natured as I was I abandoned them almost immediately. I ripped the tags off, didn’t care at all about their potential monetary appreciation after they got back home. Nope, this fad was over even quicker than it came for me.


Just the mention of this should cause quite a few people to cringe…Tamagotchi. Yea, be honest with yourself…you probably had one. I think I actually had 2. I think I also remember pitching a fit one day at school when my extremely rare evolution went toes up on me. Ah, to be young again.


Alright, do these look familiar at all? If you say no, and you were a 90’s kid, then what the hell were you doing with your childhood? I’ll make it easier, how about this…


Yes, Pogs…proof that kids will buy anything if it’s colorful enough. I did it…in fact about five years or so ago, I tried to single-handedly bring Pogs back. That campaign lasted for all of a week, and then I took my Pogs and put them back where I found them, in a dark corner of my childhood closet.
Pogs, it was like the 90’s equivalent of playing marbles. Someone repackaged and glossed up the idea of marbles and unleashed it on us and we ate it up. Whoever can take that simple concept and repackage it today is going to make millions.


Alright, this is one that I’m honestly not that embarrassed of, because this is where I kind of discovered that writing could be fun and worthwhile leisure activity, and certainly where began my affinity for blogging.
I think the more embarrassing thing here is the prospect of going back and looking at the frustrations of our preteen minds. Fear not though, I just went back looking for my old xanga page and found this message…

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 2.22.37 PM

So evidently if you haven’t been back for 5 years or more, which most of us haven’t, then our archives haven’t been saved as they shift over to a 2.0 version. Thank goodness.


Oh yes, I haven’t forgotten…pants with zip off legs. I had two pairs of these that I bought from Old Navy. Oh jeez, I can do one better than these transformer trousers…


The classic Old Navy Performance Fleece Vest…God, now that’s a trip down memory lane. I think my entire family bought into this thing…in fact my dad still does. My only problem with this thing now is that…well, it’s a vest. If your chest is cold, I bet your arms are cold too. Go invest in some sleeves.
Alright, one more…


Yea, I went there, Pokémon cards. 90% of all nerds have owned at least a booster pack of pokémon cards, whether or not they’ve actually played in a match. Somewhere back in that same closet where I shoved those Pogs, I’ve got a small collection of these gathering dust in their protective cases. I want to show off some of my nerd feathers real quick. If I went home and went through that collection right now, somewhere in there I’d find these…



If someone were to look up the origin of these two cards, it will be revealed precisely how much of a nerd I was as a kid.
You know what though, back in the day when I liked Pokémon and such, I was horribly made fun of. This was back when the understanding was that being a nerd was something not to be proud of, and nerds were at the bottom of the social food chain. This was back when I let my tormentors have that power over me, and let them know that their words and teasing were painful. It’s easy to look back at these items and resent them based on the association to the bullying that was received on their behalf.
I don’t resent them though, because with age comes knowledge, and the understanding that who you are, and what your obsessions are, are nothing to be ashamed of. In middle school, I was ashamed of being a nerd…and I nearly let it end me. But years later, it dawns on me…nerds are the ones that are actually moving forward, and looking ahead. Nerds are always thinking, and creating, and making the world a better place. Nerds are who are gonna be running this place, once we’re old enough…and fearsome we will be, for we are many.
One should never feel ashamed for doing what they love, or loving what they do, and that applies to all facets of life…accept if one wears those shark backpacks outside of elementary school. What the hell are you doing?

Well, I think I’ve led myself perfectly into a topic I introduced a number of weeks ago, and have been wanting to come back to for a while.

Nerds of the Future
A look at future technology through the eyes of a Nerd

Last time, I talked about what ideas I and others had for where the future of cars and ergonomics were going. Part of moving forward though is looking long and hard at what we have today, and trying to imagine what wouldn’t have any place in our future. Look at sci-fi movies right now, and try and find what similarities the scenery shares with your living room. I’d imagine that most of your live space will be replaced. So, today I want to discuss…

What, in 10 Years, Will We Not Use?

Yea, I’m not even thinking ultra-future, I’m just thinking in the next 10 years. Just think about the kinds of advancement we’ve made in the past 10 years. Think back to your life in 2003…it was about at that point that flip phones were becoming popular…the Nokia brick phone was probably still the most popular cell phone at the time. Think about that for a second, and we’ll get started.
Most people these days are watching their television on some sort of big flat panel display. Our TVs are becoming the hub for all our entertainment; it’s where cable/satellite programing is, our game systems run to it, and most of our best stereo systems are linked into the brain that feeds everything to the TV. Plenty use the TV as a computer display as well. Everything goes there…and I think we can do a lot better than a flat panel display. I bet in 10 years we’ll have 3D projection systems that will begin to replace our 2-dimensional TVs that can at best simulate 3D. I’m thinking we’ll have some sort of projection display that will shine a 3-dimensional spherical or cubical image up from a device affixed to a stand or the floor that will finally give us an image with proper depth. I bet the fidelity won’t be that great, but we’ll be able to create Star Wars-like holograms in our homes.
Talking about cell phones earlier reminds me of something else we’ll do away with. Home phones. Most 20-somethings nowadays have already dispatched with having some sort of land line phone in favor of just using their cell phones at all time, for everything. I think this will be a more generational thing. What I mean is I don’t see our parents or grandparents ditching their land lines, but this generation will just never adopt the concept.
As data storage continues to get smaller and smaller, we will eventually depart with physical data storage devices all together. That means that CDs, DVDs, and other forms of discs will fall to digital downloads and data streaming. We’re there now. Virtually anything that you can still buy packaged in disc form today is also available as a download. Name your product; music, movies, games, software…hell, even books…we’re there. What’s left to be done is full conversion. I said it in myself in this blog sometime around E3 that I was hesitant to make the conversion away from physical media, but in the past month I’ve bought 2 or 3 games in the Xbox Live Marketplace, a couple of albums via iTunes, and about 5 books on my Kindle app. My only real holdout is for movies…I’ll still go out and try to find a new DVD when it comes out, but that’s because movies take up a lot of hard drive space, and downloaded movies still aren’t quite as portable as DVDs…but that’s changing fast.
Physical keys too will be eliminated very soon as well. The last place that I lived in before I moved to where is current had electronic door locks and keys like this…



They didn’t exactly go sans key, but the new electronic method made the area very safe. And I feel like anyone that hasn’t seen a modern key fob just isn’t getting out anymore. Most cars already don’t need keys anymore, except in extreme circumstances…in which case you can deconstruct the fob and the key is hidden inside.
With all the the buzz in Washington over SOPA, PIPA, and whatever else is trying to fly through right now, we stand on the precipice of legislation over the regulation of the internet. I feel like at some point in the next 10 years, some sort of legislation will slip through that will regulate the internet in some small way, and that has to happen so that it can be declared unconstitutional by the supreme court. Give it time, unregulated internet is coming, I do sincerely believe. Because one way or another, I don’t see our population sitting in complacency with the government being able to look over our browsing shoulders and judge us over our activities with any legal precedence.
I mentioned earlier that CDs and DVDs are quickly becoming antiquated, and really I feel that all forms of non-solid-state-drives will quickly become a thing of the past. Disc based computer hard drives have become outdated for most functions, required seek time to find the correct position on the hard drive. SSD is faster in every way shape and form, and is becoming small enough that it is now feasible to base whole computing platforms on it. MacBook Airs are all SSD, and so will be the new Mac Pros that will come out later this year.



The physical storage capacity might not be that much right now, but think about what flash drives were like 10 years ago, versus what they are today…and 10 years from now…
As much as possible as well, we want to stop killing trees, and from my point of view, as a college student, the first way we can stop doing that is by eliminating text books…in favor of an app version, tablet version, or some form of digital download. This kind of goes with my digitizing of the physical medium argument earlier, but a different spectrum on to which it can be applied. Several semesters ago, I bought the digital version of my Spanish book, and could use it on my tablet. I’ve got another online version of a book this year…and strange enough, it was the only version of the book for the class that I could find.
One last thing that I can include here…and I’m asking y’all to make a bit of the imaginary stretch for me…toilet paper. I know what you’re thinking, “Slow down there, CVSleen! We like our butts clean!” However, if any of my audience is Japanese, or an aristocratic female, you’re probably on board. A visual is probably necessary, so…



I can’t speak from experience here, but it is my understanding that most modern Japanese establishments and homes are converting to this style of toilet. And the same way that bidets can polish up your delicate lady parts, these things can (if I can believe several well traveled comedians and entertainers) accurately tidy up your turd cutters as well…see that first picture up there. Toilet paper is wasteful and unnecessary, except to maybe dry off. I’ve wondered for a couple years now why this hasn’t caught on in the States yet, and definitely think that, in the next 10 years, it could and should.

I’m probably getting a little too radical there, so I’ll put a lid on it for this post. But if there is anything else you think is on its way towards technological extinction, feel free to share it with me here.

Alright my minions, go out and manage your mischief.
I would like to note though before I go that, the semester has picked up, and the workload is getting pretty thick. I’ll do my best to keep a weekly entry rolling out, but some weeks I might just be too bogged down to make it happen. I’ll apologize ahead of time if my posting becomes sporadic, but I need to push for the good grades. Remember my mantra…

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– CVSleen

Pizza Pods with Basil Pesto Marinara Sauce

Pizza Pods with Basil Pesto Marinara Sauce


What’s up internetizens? If your week has been anything like mine, y’all have got to be tired. Life needs more opportunities to stop and refuel.

I want to start with a quick conversation about fuel…people fuel. I got a coffee the other day and…well, lets just start at the beginning.

I realized this past weekend that I have a weird social anxiety thing at restaurants. I was hitting up my local breakfast spot, Royal’s Bagels and Deli, and after I got up to the register and ordered my food, I ordered some tea to go with it. The girl behind the register told me that they just ran out, and that it would be about 10 minutes before they could brew another. I ended up standing there for a minute having a fit of ‘um’ing and ‘uh’ing…stuck in internal conflict of what to drink in the absence of tea. On the inside I was thinking, “Crap, I don’t drink soda, so it’s either coffee or water. Coffee or water. Crap.” I don’t know why I started freaking out, maybe I just don’t like being put on the spot like that where busy gets brought to a standstill over a change of decision. Regardless, I ended up choosing coffee…not having drank coffee in years. I really don’t know what I was thinking.


I don’t know how many of y’all out there are coffee drinkers, but coffee is a hell of a drug, especially if you’re not in the habit of drinking it. My…system, got completely screwed up that day. My schedule was all off.
I used to drink a cup of coffee almost every morning, back in high school or somewhere there about. I don’t know how I used to do that, especially back in my youths.
Those of you that drink coffee, how early did you start drinking it? College, high school, middle school, grade school even? How early these days are we getting ourselves hooked on caffeine? I remember, as a kid, I used to drink about 3 to 5 Mountain Dew‘s a day. I’ve got to think, coffee has to be healthier than that…much healthier.
It just messed me up…was really surprised at how much one cup of coffee can flip your day around.
Coffee…clearly too much for my system. Energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster…nothing, no better than soda really. 5 hour energy shot…cranks me up for an hour or so, then dumps me later in the afternoon (that no crash marketing, load of coddle swap). For the record, sweet tea is what keeps me at my baseline, where there is still a lull in the afternoon.
I don’t want to sleep through the day. I don’t want to have enough energy coursing through me that I feel the need to fight a horse. I don’t want to crash. I just want to be awake enough to carry on. Can we make a drink or a supplement for that? I know we’re all made different, but I feel like there’s nothing out there that, on the worst of days, can’t keep me nodding off. I’ve even just tried supplementing my daily efforts with plain vitamin B trio…nada. Can we work on this? What is that word for, someone smarter is working on this?

While we’re on the subject of people fuel, I want to shift over to a legitimate food discussion.

For the first time in a long time recently, I had a steak that was just…bad. It’s been so long that I’ve been starting to wonder how you can really screw up a steak, but this place I went to brought me back to reality. I’m not going to say where it was that I got it at, because the place was honestly a little off the beaten path and I could tell that the staff was honestly apologetic about it. But the deal was this: the steak had no flavor whatsoever. No attempt was made to season it. No salt, pepper, rosemary, nothing. There was no marinade, or rub, just someone took a bland steak and threw it on the grill. Once they did that, they let it set until it had no life left in it whatsoever. Yea, it wasn’t quite well done, but it was pretty close. I order a medium-rare steak, and I’m a firm believer that anybody that orders a well-done steak, obviously doesn’t like steak and should probably just be ordering chicken.
I’ve seen people that will argue that well-done steaks can be extremely good, and if they’re not than it’s the fault of the chef if it comes out as rough as leather. I call shenanigans. If you cook a steak that much, you end up completely drying it out, really toughening it up. Nah, people who order well-done steaks don’t have any respect for steak.
Unlike these people, I love steak, and I want to take a few minutes here to talk red meat; cuts, preparation, cooking method, etc.
The cut of the steak is where I find the most discrepancy of favorites. I like the cuts that are the most tender, and have the most robust flavor. Given that, I usually go for a Filet Mignon or a Ribeye. Filet’s tend to be the most tender cut, and small enough to where you can do cool stuff with them, like wrap them in bacon.


You could also go for the Porterhouse (or T-bone, essentially the same difference), which has both a Filet and a New York Strip in it. The Strip is a pretty tender cut, but not near as much as the Filet. The Strip is a much bigger cut however.


My favorite cut right now however is the Ribeye, cut more from the rib section of meat, which has a lot of fat marbleization all throughout it, making it one of the most naturally flavorful cuts of meat.


There is another cut of meat that pretty good, that you should give a try if you classify yourself as a carnivore. Find yourself a steak house and order a Prime Rib sometime if you get a chance. Like the Ribeye, it’s also taken from the rib section that has a higher amount of flavor, and it’s usually cooked slow to keep all the flavors intact.


The Prime Rib is a hard cut to cook at home, because it’s essentially the entire rib section. You pretty much need a heat source that surrounds the meat, like an oven or a rotisserie, so doing it on the grill is a somewhat unfeasible option. Also, since it’s the whole rib section, it’s a pretty expensive cut of meat.
All the other cuts I mentioned are far easier to buy in single and double servings, so you’ve got a lot more options for cooking methods. The way I hear that most restaurants cook their meat is that they sear the outside to get some good char or grill marks and also lock in the juices, and then they pop the steak in the oven to finish it. I like to be a lot more hands on with my steak, so I cook mine to completion on the grill pretty much every time, or in my case (since I’m an apartment dweller) I just pan sear it. I have a cast iron skillet that works really well, but god is it hard to clean…so I’m going to toss it soon and go back to pans.
Everyone I know has a different preparation for their steaks. For some, it’s just some simple salt and pepper, others use a more complex dry rub with various other herbs and spices, some break it down in beer, or some kind of citrus juice, and others still let soak in a marinade for up to a day or so. Personally, I like to put together my own marinade which consists of worcestershire, balsamic vinegar, chili garlic hot sauce, dijon mustard, and a little lime juice. Right before it goes on the grill (pan) I sprinkle it garlic salt and some special steak seasoning. Throw that in the pan on medium heat, at about 6 minutes per side, and that makes for a good medium-rare to medium Ribeye. Perfect.


That’s my idea for a great steak dinner right there, and was my dinner the other night. Something else you can do which I’ve been doing recently, since I marinade, is pour what’s left of the marinade in the pan after the steak is done, add a little wine or liquor (I’ve got some brandy that I added), and let it deglaze to become nice steak sauce to add. A good steak doesn’t need much, if any, but I like to drizzle on just a little bit to set it off.
I doubt though that I have thrown together the perfect steak at this point. I bet y’all have some good recipes for a delicious steak, so I want to hear how y’all prepare your ideal steak. I know a few of you out there have got to have some skills. Tell me! Show me!

Before I depart from digestibles, there’s a series of commercials on the air right now promoting milk and its’ great advantages to…not drinking milk I guess. In one of these commercials, they show two personified bowls of cereal reacting to milk being poured into one, and orange juice in the other.
I want to stop right there. Do people actually do this? Are there people out there that put anything in cereal other than milk? They do…really? You’re daft…that’s absolutely abominable. I thought they were only rumors…water in cereal, OJ in cereal, coffee in cereal.
If you do this, well, there is something not quite right with your cabeza.

I’ve been known to have some odd tastes, I’ve put hot sauce on chocolate chip cookies before…but you have to know where to draw the line. I have to admit though, that some things…you just don’t know whether they will be enjoyable or not until you see that decision through. One of the things that I really thought that I was going to enjoy when I first heard of it was Riddick. Pitch Black was great, and Chronicles had a good story and great action. With the same writers and director throughout the entire series, it would stand to say that with the first two being very good that the third would follow suit.


The stage has been set for the epic final chapter of the Riddick trilogy to unfold. When we last saw Riddick, he had just become the Lord Marshal of the Necromongers of the Underverse. He had command of a seemingly invincible army. So where do we pick up with Richard B. Riddick? Marooned on some backwater planet…beaten and broken, and being chased by mercenaries, as he always is.
There was so much potential for this movie to be epic, but it just fell so far short. Action would have been the way to go with this movie, but so much of the movie was spent on character development. Heck, they even gave him a dog, and tried to humanize him to some degree. This movie showed us a slightly softer side of Riddick. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still very much a badass, he builds a sword out of what looked to be an animal femur and sharpened talon. But I swear, at one point he shed a tear.
They spent 2/3 of the movie though setting up any kind of real conflict, and once we got to it…it just kind of fell flat. The casting was pretty weak too, the only redeaming quality of the extended cast being Katee Sackhoff‘s character, Dahl.
This was a very watchable movie, but missed the mark for a true Riddick sequel.
Riddick – 5 out of 10

We’re up to week 3 of college football, and again I wanted to give y’all my 5 recommendations for the games to be watching this week. So these are the ones I’d be keeping an eye on.

Thursday Sept. 12th
6:30 PM       No. 24 TCU at Texas Tech                  ESPN
Saturday Sept. 14th
11:00 AM     No. 16 UCLA at No. 23 Nebraska         ABC
2:30 PM       No. 1 Alabama at No. 6 Texas A&M     CBS
2:30 PM       Georgia Tech at Duke                        ESPN U
6:00 PM       Mississippi State at Auburn                 ESPN 2

Well boys and girls, I think I’ll call it quits there for the week. Hope you’re not salivating too much with all that steak talk. Until next week…

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– CVSleen

Breakfast Pods: Biscuit, Bacon, Cheese, and an Egg

Breakfast Pods: Biscuit, Bacon, Cheese, and an Egg

Once more into the breach, and one more semester until I’m free. Don’t know what I’ll do with that freedom yet, but it won’t be school. It feels weird being back, and at the same time…pleasant. I think it’s just been an unusually long summer; a lot more people have vacated the metroplex, moving forward with there lives…


…How did ^that^ ever become a meme? ::Shakes head:: The internet is a weird place.

Well, I thought that in the spirit school getting back in motion again, for a lot of us, that I’d start with a few school related topics.
At 26 years old, I feel like I’ve been in school for entirely too long, and I’ve definitely seen some weird stuff. I’d like to wonder out loud for a moment, what are some of the weirdest things that you’ve seen at school? Everyone has got to have some stories, and seeing as I should have gotten my Bachelors degree twice over at this point, I may have more than most, so I’ll go ahead and get us started with a few things.
I’ve seen a kid whip his dick out in the middle of class in middle school. All I really recall about that one is a girl walking up a row from sharpening her pencil or something, and just stopping dead and yelling out, “Oh my God!” Once I’ve looked up at her and followed her gaze, lo and behold this kid is just sitting at his desk with his dick out. He wasn’t rubbing one out or anything, it was just out there.
Now, back me up guys…I’ve forgotten to zip up my fly many times, but I’ve never breached my undies and open fly without my knowledge. I feel like you’d be fully aware if your dick popped out to say hello. You’d feel the breeze.
It may very well have been intentional, for the girl’s benefit, but he played it off like it was an honest accident…didn’t even get sent out in the hall or anything.


I’ve “caught” teachers having sex in high school. Before you go overboard here, this wasn’t a sex with students thing, it was two teachers getting it on with each other. At least I’m pretty damn sure. Let me lay it out for y’all. I was in band in high school…marching band. I played one of those instruments that had two separate marching and concert variations, and meant for a couple of big cases that had to be hauled around almost constantly.
I was up at school one weekend with a friend from my section attending an arts fair type thing. He hadn’t taken either of his instruments home on Friday as he couldn’t get a ride that day, and when we finished with the arts thing, he asked if we could swing by the band hall on our way out so he could grab his instrument and practice a little over the weekend. The end of the building that the band hall was on was technically closed off, but security was light and we had a decent excuse so we proceeded anyways. We got to the band hall and retrieved his instrument when we heard noises coming from the band hall office. We immediately crept out of eyeshot from the office windows, but didn’t bolt just yet. We wanted to find out what was going on, and as we listened it became apparent that there was some increasingly heated sexual sounding moans coming from the office. The blinds were drawn in front of the band hall, so we couldn’t see anything. We decided to press our luck and sneak back to the practice rooms behind the office where there was another set of windows looking out. Those blinds were drawn as well, but they kept getting jostled in a very rhythmic fashion. We decided at that point to bolt. We exited the building on the band hall side of the school, and saw only 2 cars sitting out in the parking lot right next to each other. Those cars were extremely easily identifiable as belonging to 2 of our band teachers…2 that had a reputation for subtly flirting with one another. There was no question in out minds…there was some sex happening that day.


We broke a teacher my freshman year in high school, and a kid lit up in class. If our teacher hadn’t come around and embraced the darkness towards the end of the semester, I might still sincerely feel bad about what we did to her. But since she came around, she actually became one of the cooler teachers I had in high school, and I think she ended up liking us as well. Let’s start at the beginning though. Never before and never since have I been in a class full of people that could have cared any less. As in, every single one of us…not a single care was given. No one wanted to be there, and it was clear within the first couple of days that our teacher was easily agitated by a…non-captive audience. About a quarter of the way through the semester we started rebelling against her, and she finally one day went back to her desk and started crying (felt like an utter D-Bag that day). From that day forward though, she didn’t care either, and we all got along much better…and all pretty much got A’s.
There was one day that we were working on these skits, and one of my friends brought in a smoke machine to do the phantom of the opera. She was taping these skits, and kept messing up with the camera, so we had to unload that smoke machine like 7 times. The classroom was completely filled with smoke. One of the stoners who was sleeping woke up and, I’m guessing he assumed he was somewhere else, just decided to light up in the middle of class.
We ended up getting the best reactions leaving class that day, opening the door and letting the smoke billow out.


I saw a girl running naked through campus. At some colleges, with certain traditions, this might not seem like that big of a deal, but this was at OU, located right smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. I was on my way to foam party…they’d just organized a party on a vacant level towards the top of one of the parking garages and filled it with an endless supply of soap bubbles. I was still trying to be an actively social person, so I wanted to go and check it out to see what it was all about. I’d gotten a little over half way across campus when I saw someone running from the direction of the union. As the person got closer, it became apparent that it was a girl…as naked as the day she was born…running straight at me. Now, at this point in my life, I was no stranger to pornography, but I’d never seen nudity in person…the occasional nipple slip or pantsing, sure…but not a fully nude hottie running flat out in my direction before. Not only that, she was yelling, “Come on! We’re streaking! Let’s go!” Just like you see in the movies, like Will Ferrel in Old School, but less penis and more amazing bouncing boobs. She even stopped next to me, running and bouncing in place, and tugged at my arm to get me to follow her, “Hey! We’re streaking! Come with me, let’s go!” What a wonderful opportunity that was, and anyone less socially awkward could have taken that situation and made much more awesome memories with it. Not me, I just said to her, “Uh, yea! Have fun!” She playfully shook her head and kept on running. Did I at least follow? Nah, I kept walking towards the party, where she undoubtedly originated from. Someone got lucky that night, I’m sure. But hey, I was asked by a couple of security guys a few minutes later if I’d seen a girl streaking, and I sent them off in the wrong direction to gem them off her tail. So wherever you are, foam party streaking girl from OU freshman class of Fall 2005…you’re welcome!

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I could go on for days…finding poop under a trashcan, going to lockdown when a kid brought guns and knives to school, this weird fad girls had called “tamping” or “padding” or whatever, I’ve seen a lot. Haven’t we all though? Bring me your stories…leave a few here. Maybe you can do better…maybe we went to school together and you remember some this stuff, I want to here about it.

I totally could have nailed that girl. Ha, yea, sure. I bet if it happened again today, I’d still stand there like a blithering idiot. That crap just doesn’t happen down here. People are just too…conservative down here in the south. But, I’ve found out that this isn’t necessarily the truth everywhere. There are colleges out there that have nude traditions, some even that are…gasp…clothing optional. It’s a little late to put in your transfer papers at this point, but if this sounds like a fun environment to learn in, maybe you might start getting your applications ready for a few of these schools.
Bard College – Rumor has it that the campus is clothing optional, but you might check the word on the street before you roll out to class in your birthday suit.
Bennington College – It’s a very liberal college that actually does having a “clothing optional provision” in the schools constitution. It’s not really part of the culture anymore, but no one could legally stop if you you so desired.
California Institute of the Arts – This school definitely has a clothing optional swimming pool. I’m not sure whether that means the entire campus has the same option, but with a place that believes that nudity is an artful form of self-expression, one could assume.
Hampshire College – There’s no question about this place. It is officially a clothing optional college. You are almost guaranteed to run into a few nudes in a college career there.
Ithaca College – There isn’t any official provision endorsing or banning nudity, but evidently it’s a common enough theme to see people wandering around in the buff.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Yes, MIT is on this list. Believe it or not, but evidently MIT has numerous clothing optional halls in one of its dorm buildings.
Reed College – It is not uncommon for there to be people to be sunbathing naked on particularly sunny days on the campus lawn. And it is rumored that there is at least one dorm, if not several, in which students frequently run around naked.
Smith College – It might be that the entire campus is clothing optional, but this place has a reputation for its parties. Supposedly its more common than not for dorm parties and apartment parties to end up completely nude by the end of the night.
UC San Diego – The school itself doesn’t have a reputation for nudity, but there is a nudist beach just on the edge of campus. So anyone looking to relax and bask about in one another’s nudity doesn’t have for to travel at all.
Wesleyan University – There is at least one confirmed clothing optional dorm on campus. That’s still enough, right?

Other schools out there may not fully embrace nudity quite as much as these places, but still periodically have there own traditions in celebration of nudity periodically.

Bryn Mawr College – It’s said that Katherine Hepburn herself would, when tired of studying in the library, take a study break by skinny dipping in a nearby fountain. Now, most students uphold her tradition by skinny dipping in the fountain before graduation.
Dartmouth College – There is the Ledyard Challenge to swim naked across the Connecticut Bridge and then run back across before toweling up. There is also the Blue Light Challenge in which streaking students try to press the alarm on each and every one of the blue light emergency phones on campus. It’s said that there’s even a Thursday night streaking club.
Lewis & Clark College – Students run a naked mile every year on prospective student week to celebrate body image. Running in your undies is fine, but full on nudity is more than appreciated at this event.
Ohio State University – On the Thursday before the big rivalry game against Michigan every year near the end of november, everyone on campus does the Naked Jump into nearby Mirror Lake. November…freezing cold lake…yea, why not.
Purchase College – Once a year, in celebration of body positivity, The Indy, a campus news magazine, will publish a Naked Issue in which students will pose nude.
Reed College – The school has a tradition where at the end of the year, there is giant party on campus where students will strip down, cover themselves in blue paint, and run around campus chasing people who aren’t naked.
Smith College – I mentioned the parties had a reputation for stripping down. Nudity is also supposedly very common around convocation. There are also a number of traditions that involve jumping into a local pond naked, and running through various buildings naked. One of those buildings is the campus library.
Tufts College – The tradition was started back in the 60’s to streak around the quad in protest of the last all-male dorm becoming co-ed. Now, the Naked Quad Run occurs every year during the first week of December.
University of Vermont – At the end of every semester, students celebrate the end of classes by holding a naked bike ride, and it’s completely legal.
University of Virginia – Streaking the main lawn on campus is a regular tradition here, as well as stopping mid-streak to kiss the butt of the Homer statue.
Wheaton College – This is a religious college in Illionois. Supposedly even there, during the first snowfall of the year, students like to celebrate Jesus…naked, but running nude around the sign that reads, “Wheaton College: For Christ and His Kingdom”. The school obviously doesn’t support this though, so students risk a $100 fine and disciplinary action from the school if they are caught.
Yale University – There is a Naked Library Walk during finals where students hand out candy in the nude…at Yale. Yea, higher education…smart boobs, giving out candy during finals!

So, who’s preparing there transfer applications yet? Ha ha, not me. I couldn’t handle all the scattered T&A around me, and I’d get excited way too easily.

Well, dang. I’m just about out of time here. One last thing before I go though, I mentioned last week that I wanted to do some kind of college football outlook thing. I’ve got a couple of schools that I’m personally keeping up with now, and also my cousin is starting as a freshman Warhawk at Louisiana-Monroe this year. As it were, they faced my Oklahoma Sooners this past weekend and absolutely had their butts handed to them. I was kind of torn there, It wasn’t pleasant seeing my cousin’s team beaten, but let’s be honest…it was intended to be a tune-up game for the Sooners anyways.
Oddly, UNT’s team absolutely destroyed their game, 40-6 against Idaho, so maybe they have a chance for this year. Maybe at a winning record, not for a top ranked spot or anything like that…let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
So what I’ve decided to do is every week I’ll put together a schedule of big games, and condense it down to 5 or so to list here, so that it doesn’t take up that much talk space. So, given my preference for Big XII, SEC, and Top 25 teams, here are my recommendations for the coming week
Saturday Sept. 7th
11:00 AM      No. 10 Florida at Miami (FL)                    ESPN
  2:30 PM      No. 3 Oregan at Virginia                         ABC/ESPN 2
  3:30 PM      No. 6 South Carolina at No. 9 Georgia      ESPN
  6:00 PM      West Virginia at No. 16 Oklahoma            FOX
  7:00 PM      No. 14 Notre Dame at No. 17 Michigan     ESPN

I’ll leave it at there for today. I’ll catch y’all on the flip side.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– CVSleen

Lemon Dill Salmon with Italian Pesto Pasta

Lemon Dill Salmon with Italian Pesto Pasta