Well, perhaps my expectations are unrealistic. This blog has always been a personal outlet, but I’ve always tried to write it in a way so that it’s entertaining. I tend to forget sometimes that my audience here is actually pretty small. Should I advertise…hell, should I monetize?

Why is that even a word? Monetize…everything else in this world, we would just say that we were going to sell it, but on the Internet, for some reason we like to come up with special terms.

Regardless, however I take off, I don’t see it coming from humble little scribe sessions here. Humble…ha, I have such a swollen ego here.

You know what can really easily humble your ego? Most everyone has a favorite video game, or book, or show, or something from which they can claim that they know the entire universe backwards and forwards. Well, I stumbled upon this game recently, called Akinator


…in which this genie dude asks you to think of a character…any character (alive, dead, fictional, historical, from a movie, book, video game, anything you can think of really), and within a couple rounds of questioning he can guess your character. This dude is good. My track record against him is pretty loss heavy.


You start off just like this. Pick a character, any character, and hit go. If you try and pick any kind of main character, he’ll guess it every time. Like 100/100, top billed casts and characters central to narratives, he’ll never miss. That’s why I tell you to think of media for which you know everything in the universe…you have to dig deep. So, for example, I’ll pick some ancillary character from the Mass Effect series, and hit go. He’ll go through a few baseline questions to get his bearings: male of female, real of fictional, human or other, etc. Once he starts getting into the attributes of your character, you think that there’s no way he’ll guess, the questions are pretty vague.


At some point though, he asks a question in which you just know…he’s got it.


Once you get there, it’s all over pretty quick. Very rarely does he guess incorrectly. This was not one of those cases.


Out of 77 times, I’ve only beaten him on 7 occasions. It’s addictive trying to dig deep into the worlds that you know so well, and trying to find something that will stump him. You can play him for free for a few times at the Akinator website, and at some point he’ll direct you to the App Store to buy the game for smartphone or whatever. It’s 2 bucks on the iTunes app store, and probably similarly priced on the Android marketplace, and the markets for Windows phone and Blackberry. It’s fun, and definitely makes you get closer to your favorites if you’re going to stand any chance of beating him.

That’s a nice little boredom deterrent whenever you have an internet connection. I wish though that I could find more of my people to get together with in Denton though, so that I wasn’t constantly needing to privately entertain myself. I know that my people are out there somewhere, but I still haven’t found them in droves yet.
I’ve been thinking…Denton has a pretty good bar scene. Between Fry Street and the Square, we have a pretty good little collection of watering holes. There’s got to be at least one of them that would be willing to set up a Geeks Who Drink night.


Geeks Who Drink is a themed pub/bar quiz setup that bars can pick up and host once a week. It brings together friendly competition, nerding out, and social drinking. A lot of non-nerds might feel turned off by a name like Geeks Who Drink, but I feel like Denton would be perfect for this kind of thing. A lot of people describe Denton as an amalgamation of various eclectic personalities, kind of like a miniature Austin, of which many would probably fall under that classification.
We game, we drink, we socialize…let’s make it happen.

I don’t know why nerds get such the straight-laced reputation that we do. Sure, I may not be the biggest partier in the world, and ridiculous crowds get me kind of edgy, but I love myself a good beer once and a while. I’m far from being the only one too. In fact, I probably have a more rounded taste in beer than most of my friends. I always kind of wonder what went wrong when I ask a person what type of beers they like, and I get a response like, “Something light and crisp, like a Natty Light or something.” It’s possible that I’ve been hanging out with too many younglings, but there is so much more out there than the typical American light beers…Natty Light, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Rolling Rock, Keystone Light…ugh, you get the picture. Most places I go, this is what I see in the fridge 90% of the time.


People, we can do better.

I know that for most of us, we make our alcohol purchasing decisions based on the content of our bank accounts, but at some point you have to cultivate a little taste. So, I really want to ask the question; if money was not an issue, what criteria would y’all use for picking a beer, and what types of qualities do you look for in a beer?

If I was responding to the question, I’d first say that I don’t like a beer that is extremely bitter or hoppy. So a Sam Adams Boston Lager, or any kind of IPA is something that I try to stay away from. I also don’t like anything that is extremely stout. I have a running joke with my buddy Jason that drinking a Guinness Draught is essentially the same as drinking mashed potatoes.


It’s just so heavy, I feel like it’s not a beer anymore. Guinness Black Lager though, definitely on my radar.
I tend to like untraditional flavors too, like flavors that aren’t based in wheats and grains. For example, I’ve really jumped on the Redd’s Apple Ale bandwagon recently. Crisp, clean, and brut, to steal some of their marketing terms.


Okay, weird, sidebar real quick. Looking for that picture, I just found out that there is also a Redd’s Strawberry Apple Ale.


This may be one of those ‘pot calling the kettle black’ situations, but…weird.

So yea, the qualities I look for would probably be crisp, clean, and full-bodied flavor. It sounds really abstract, but I’m not trying to describe just 1 beer.

How about a top 10…yea, my Top 10 Favorite Beers at the moment.

1) Redd’s Apple Ale
2) Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug
3) Dos Equis
4) Ziegenbock
5) Guinness Black Lager
6) Shiner Bock
7) Blue Moon
8) Leinenkugel’s Lemon Berry Shandy
9) Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
And to round it out, I’ve got a beer that I keep in my fridge for special occasions. Just in case I have something worth celebrating, it’s there for me to bust open, and it’s probably the fruitiest thing that could be on any list. So finally, no homo…
10) Lindemans Framboise


I am fully aware that that is far from being the manliest list in existence, but like I said, I’m a fan of flavor. The flavor can be more traditional, or be really wild, but don’t give me a bland beer.

Alright boys and girls, I think I’m going to call it a day. Before I go though, I’m sad to say that this past Saturday morning, the DFW area, and for what it’s worth the entire world as well, has lost one of its’ great radio icons, David Cradick (aka Kidd Kraddick). Kraddick was hosting a charity golf event in New Orleans when he suffered a fatal brain aneurism. Kraddick was best known now for being the voice of morning drive, on Kiss-FM’s morning show, syndicated in numerous markets throughout the United States. This past Monday, in an odd thought process, Kraddick talked about how a lot of people die suddenly, without getting the chance to thank the people in their lives, and express the love they have for all the friends and family that make their lives that much more rich. I don’t know if that was transpiring there, but he got the rare opportunity to thank his loved ones, and express the gratitude for the opportunities he’d been granted, and the blessed life he’d been fortunate to live. Kidd Kraddick was 53, and he shall be greatly missed.


I hate to sign off on a somber note, so maybe instead I can solicit y’alls participation again in a fun little exercise. In the following image is a list of various video game/movie/anime items. If you could only pick 1 of the following 10 items, what would it be, and why? Click the image if you need to blow it up some.


Think about it, and get back to me. I’ll tell you next week what my pick is. Until then…

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– CVSleen

The Royal's Bagels and Deli's version of a Reuben

The Royal’s Bagels and Deli version of a Reuben


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