Somewhere Between Dreams and Nightmares

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Podcast
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It gives me no pleasure to announce that The Status Bro Show is undergoing some major changes at this time. Whatever direction the show goes from here, it will be without me.

A lot of decisions were made tonight…at the fruition of which, Melissa was let go from her roles in the show. I couldn’t abide by the move to let her go, the proposed direction of things to come, or the way in which everything went down…so I offered my resignation, which was accepted. I didn’t want to leave, but I also couldn’t be a part of what was happening…I could see no alternative than stepping aside, especially with myself now sitting in the minority of decisions with Melissa gone.

I don’t harbor any ill will for what is left of the show, but I can’t endorse it any further. I’m not asking anyone to quit listening…if you’ve enjoyed the subject matter recently, you’ll probably continue to. Just don’t be surprised when and if the show resumes, that Melissa and I are no longer a part of it.

This sucks, but it’s needed to happen for a while…we’ve been off our game for a number of weeks, partly because of this internal conflict that came to a head tonight. I can’t let this consume me though; if anything this gives me more opportunity to channel my energies here, or maybe another venture.

What once was the ride of my dreams come true started on a track to somewhere that I truly didn’t want to go, so it’s probably better that I jumped off this train before it arrived at its next station. I’ll find my place to settle somewhere out in the desert, and hopefully build my own oasis.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open…
and I promise I’ll try to as well,

– CVSleen


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