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Two months later, he finally pokes his head out of his hidey-hole. It’s been a long two months, friends. I could regale y’all with tales of homework, exams, and final projects…but you’ve heard it all before. And, it’s over and done with. The semester is over and I have survived, relatively unscathed. With summer ahead of me now, I could possibly relate all of my summer plans to you, but if priority 1 doesn’t fall into place, I don’t see anything else falling in line either. So…

Priority 1: Job searching.
I’m not keeping track of what the score is, but I’m definitely losing that battle right now. No one seems to be hiring minimally experienced A/V nuts right now, none that I’ve come across in this area anyways. The search continues, but I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t becoming a little discouraged.

Speaking of continuing, The Status Bro Show is now 16 episodes strong. That’s about 4 months of continuous content (but who’s counting, right?). At this point of my life, and especially at this point of the year, I’m pretty much living and breathing the show, as it’s the only consistent activity I have going on. That being said, we’re on the ropes right now. Listen to the second half of the show and you can almost hear the train wreck coming. We’re a lot off our game right now, and need to get ourselves back on the tracks here. We just need to sit down and try to hash out a few issues, and that’ll be a good start…we can’t fix all our issues overnight, but that’s a good start. We’ll be back in fighting shape soon, but if you want to check up with the Bros now, look in my “About” section ^^^ to find info on listening to and subscribing to us.

I tend to come up with a lot of topics for the show that end up getting glossed over or just passed up completely. I hate just letting those go, so perhaps this is a good venue to air those topics in their entirety. Let’s do that.


Summer has moved into full swing, and among other things that means big summer movies. I’m sadly pretty delinquent about seeing movies while they are in theaters, and I want to do my best to see as much as I can this summer. I’ve put together a list of the big movies that I want to see this summer, so here is what appeals to me. Warning: there will be a few spoilers. If you don’t want a particular movie ruined for you, skip ahead.


I would describe it as an after Earth type scenario, as brought to you by Apple. It’s already gone from theaters, but I caught it while it lasted. Earth couldn’t sustain our numbers or appetite, so we moved our population to another planet, and Jack(Tom Cruise) was assigned to stay back and transfer what valuable resources were left to the new planet. As his mission progresses, he begins to question what he knows about it and ends up getting his whole reality turned upside down on him. Jack’s environment in the beginning reminds you of how Apple might envision the future: everything is clean, white, and streamlined. The flick seems highly derivative of many sci-fi films before it. When watching, I kept seeing possible references to 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Matrix, the Borg from Star Trek, and maybe some Mad Max too. The visuals were amazing, and the story seemed pretty decent, and the sound design was great, but I don’t think the character development worked out that well.
All in all, for me, Oblivion6 out of 10

Iron Man 3

Tony Stark returns in the third instalment of the story of the rich playboy philanthropist turned super hero. It’s once to finally see him fight an enemy that didn’t come to power through stealing his own technology. Nah, the Mandarin finally comes up with his own breed of weapon to whoop Tony Stark(Robert Downey Junior)’s rear end six ways from Sunday: Extremis…I’ll say no more. I name Tony Stark instead of Iron Man, because he spends almost no time in the suit in this movie, except for the very end where…well, I won’t go into detail, but the term “gang bang” seems pretty appropriate. At the hands of Shane Black, it seemed like an entirely different movie, though I’m not sure if I want Jon Favreau back at the helm or not. Good movie still, just different. Great summer movie; lots of flashy lights, explosions, and RDJ playing RDJ.
In the end, Iron Man 38 out of 10

Star Trek: Into Darkness

This ain’t your daddy’s Star Trek. Well, maybe it is. Even back in the day, Star Trek was known for breaking new ground, with the high mix of interracial cast members and challenges to our most controversial social issues. Well, same thing, just more sex and flashy lights…and lens flares, so many lens flares. A few people got up in arms about all the sexuality on this film; one of Kirk(Chris Pine)’s opening scenes was a 3some between him and 2 alien chicks with tails. And a new character played by Alice Eve is also like, “Hey don’t check me out while I’m in my underwear!” You can guess what we do. Solid cast in this one, we knew that form the first flick…and a solid story too, if not a little predictable. There’s a plot twist in there that, even if you haven’t checked the IMDb page, you could see coming from as far back as when we started getting previews for the flick. There’s a little bit of cheesy dialogue, but its what you’ve come to expect from Star Trek, so it’s welcome. Great visuals, strong score…solid.
Star Trek: Into Darkness9 out of 10

Fast & Furious 6

“We’re talking vehicular warfare.” The quote pretty much sums it up. Flying cars, crashing planes, dancing motorcycles, a couple dozen explosions, some gun play, a little fisticuffs, and the obligatory slew automotive and female eye candy…and you’ve got yourself a new Fast & Furious movie. It’s a super crew versus a super crew, each with their own code; one favoring family, the other favoring tenacity and precision. This all-star cast delivers with great acting and action, but the story left something to be desired. What little there is, is loosely tied together with chase sequences and firefights. And on top of that, without spoiling anything, they again set you up for another installment. I’m a Dodge enthusiast, and this movie pays a lot of fan service in that respect, but there’s only so much hot cars and sexy chicks can do for a movie. (I was also fighting with my own dinner through most of the movie, so I’ll give it an extra half a point back to make up for my mood. Mexican food is always a gamble.)
Fast & Furious 67.5 out of 10

The rest of my list is future titles, so while I can’t rate them yet, I do have my own preconceived notions on them. Let’s talk on that.

After Earth – 5/31
This, Oblivion, and the late summer flick Elysium all look startlingly similar. This looks like another post Earth scenario, where this this time two trained operatives crash land on Earth and have to battle the elements. This is an M. Night Shyamalan film, so my expectations are already pretty low. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but I’m not holding my breath.

Now You See Me – 5/31
Magic, illusion, and slight of hand. Is it enough to rob a bank, or does the crew of this flick have something else hidden up their sleeves? The cast looks strong; Jesse Eisenberg(the facial hair gives him a cool energy), Isla Fischer(Gotta love this feisty redhead), Woody Harrelson(card-carrying badass), and on top of that, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman. I’m looking forward to this.

The Purge – 6/7
What if once a year, laws were irrelevant? You could anything you wanted, without fear of any form of judicial repercussions. Would you rape and pillage…would you rob a candy store…would you murder an enemy…or would you be the one locking your house up tighter than Fort Knox, protecting your loot and loved ones from the lawless? It’s an interesting premise, and it’s got my interested peaked.

This Is the End – 6/12
The cast of pretty much any and all Judd Apatow movie star as themselves in this action comedy about what would happen if the apocalypse were to go down during a Hollywood house party. I really don’t know what to think going into this one. It’s the only comedy on my list, and Emma Watson also makes an appearance, so I’ll definitely go check it out.

Man of Steel – 6/14
I’ll be honest, I don’t want to see this movie. I was never much of a fan of Superman, and this story has already been told more time than I can count on both my hands (and I know binary). Even worse, I think they’re going to take up time trying to tell his origin story, which every freaking iteration tries to do. Ugh, just get to the good stuff. The only reason I’m going to see this movie, is because I think this is where DC Comics is going to begin to set the stage for a Justice League movie. That’s it, really. Low expectations.

World War Z – 6/21
A zombie movie, based on a book, that’s shares absolutely nothing in common with the book, except a name. Max Brooks would be rolling in his grave. You know, this is if he were dead. He’s alive and kicking, probably kicking himself loaning out his material and having it so blatantly misused. I don’t know why I’m so riled up about it, especially considering I haven’t read Max’s book. I just know that they’re disregarding the source material wholly and completely, Brad Pitt said it himself. Maybe it’ll be a good movie, but I’ll be going in there with a sour taste in my mouth.

The Lone Ranger – 7/3
Gore Verbinski brings us Pirates of the Caribbean 5…wait, wait, sorry…wrong film. Maybe. It seems to have all the same humor and feel that a Pirates movie would, as well and Johnny Depp, and how about Helena Bonham Carter just fur good measure. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I was expecting that they were going to take this movie seriously, as in none of that childish humor. Johnny Depp at least that he wanted to take the role of Tanto quite seriously…doesn’t really look like its happening. Sigh, I’ll probably really like the movie, but I know that most people won’t take it seriously.

Pacific Rim – 7/12
Alright, now here’s a movie that I’m genuinely excited about. This a completely original story…not a remake, or a sequel, or based on some other medium. Earth faces an alien threat, not fry the sky, but from the sea, in the form of gigantic fearsome monsters. In order to combat this threat, giant robots were developed with large payloads of weapons and plenty of fight in them. Director Guillermo del Toro said that he was inspired by the old Godzilla and monster movies he watched when he was a kid. Also, Ellen McLain, the voice of Portal’s GLaDOS, lends her voice to the cast. I’m stoked for it, July 12th needs to hurry up and get here.

R.I.P.D. – 7/19
The Rest In Peace Department, a group of peace keepers from the great beyond, whose purpose is the keep the dead where they belong. It’s got Ryan Reynolds, and Jeff Bridges. I dunno, it looks pretty cool to me. I’ll probably go see it.

The Wolverine – 7/26
We’ve got another X-Men movie centered around their clawed crusader, Wolverine. This flick seems to follow Wolverine through Frank Miller’s version that brings him into Japan, perhaps a little of the anime version too. This flick also supposedly takes place after X-Men: Last Stand, after the X-Men have gone their separate ways, and Wolverine is contemplating his immortality. I’ve got high hopes for it, it’s got a different writer and director than did X-Men Origins: Wolverine. That was the only big flop of the franchise in my mind, and I’ve liked the rest. Have my fingers crossed for this one.

Elysium – 8/9
I mentioned this one earlier, as one of the 3 films that look so much alike. I’ll be honest, I don’t know that much about the film. It looks like a bunch of rich people living on a space station trying to keep the poor down on what looks like a broken and shattered Earth. I’m willing to bet the two factions get into conflict with each other, probably the rich trying to keep the poor out. It has me excited because it has Sharlto Copley, the lead from District 9…speaking of, it is also being directed by the the same Director as District 9, Neil Blomkamp. Blomkamp did an amazing job with District 9, it looks like he had 3 times the budget that he actually got to use. This film has a great foundation, hope they follow through well.

And finally…
Kick-Ass 2 – 8/16
The original Kick-Ass was one of those films where just everything worked. The casting, the acting, the story, the action…everything just worked. They even found a way to keep Nicholas Cage from being weird and creepy…pretty tall order nowadays. And I absolutely loved Chloë Grace Moretz…is it legal to say that yet? Let me consult the Judges, how about it? She’s 16…crap. Oh well, anyways, the cast is back, including Christopher Mintz-Plasse who, instead of reprising his role as Red Mist, has rebranded himself as…wait for it…The Mother Fucker. He’s a villain now, obviously. Actually, I think he’s the lead villain, trying to take down all these super heroes that keep popping up. Jim Carrey is in it as well, Colonel Stars and Stripes, he actually looks pretty good. My only worry is the Writer/Director, Jeff Wadlow. I don’t see a whole lot of stellar films in his past, in fact I’m struggling to see one…does Never Back Down(2008) or Cry_Wolf(2005) count? Nah, I wouldn’t count them either. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though.

I know there are plenty of other big films coming out this summer, but these are he ones that are on my radar. I mean, The Hangover 3…I saw 2, regrettably, that’s a big nope. I do have a few honorable mentions though that might have a limited theatrical release.

The East
American Mary
Cockneys vs Zombies

I won’t go in depth on those, you can look them up yourselves if you’re interested.

Well, I think that’s a blog. I think I’ve gone on long enough for one episode here so I’ll leave you with that. If I decide to keep with my current thought of laying down some of my own overflow material, I’ll probably talk about the Xbox One announcement, and what we stand to expect from Microsoft at E3. Until next week, or whenever I get back down to this thing…

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– CVSleen


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