There’s been a lot of talk up to this point about cool stuff that’s in queue for the future. I’m glad to report that some of that stuff has moved into the realm of here and now.

As of Thursday, January 24th, my production crew, including Melissa Galbraith, Kevin Ebeling, Zach Lewis, and myself officially went into preproduction for a weekly podcast. Originally meant to be titled, “Bros and Cons” our crew will discuss film, television, pop culture, UNT related events and culture, and recent events in news and personal history. I say originally, because the title that Kevin used in a previous version of this broadcast has since been claimed by some European entity. We’re still thinking of how we can rebrand ourselves while maintaining the same lyrical energy of the old title, but we’ll come up with something.

We’re planning on launching the podcast on February 7th, but there will most certainly be several weeks where we go through a beta testing phase, so to speak. We won’t be able to get everything right in that first couple of weeks, so we’ll be soft-launching until we can get our production quality up to snuff.

However it ends up working out, I’m going to be opening a new section on the site here, where I will link to our podcasts as they come out. We’re trying to use iTunes as a means of distribution, but I’ll also try to figure out a way to link to the broadcasts from here as well.

If you picture the Rooster Teeth podcast, crossed with the Howard Stern show, that’s how we’re aiming to come across…all crass and nerdy. I’m looking forward to it.

I also have another development going on in my life, that I’m somewhat reluctant to talk about on here, just because I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch. But, I’m crushing on someone, pretty hard, and I hate to feel over optimistic, but I think she may be feeling me too.

This girl is an anomaly to me. Everyone has, in their head a list of attributes and qualities that, when combined, equal up to the perfect significant other. This is a very subjective list, and is the same for no two people. Whether we want to admit it or not, we compare all of our relationships, at one point or another, to this list, and see how well they stack up.
Normally, I find myself checking off several items of this internal list, but there are always plenty of blanks. Not this time. Every little item, attribute, and quality that I’ve added to that list that makes up the perfect girl, I find myself checking off with every interaction I have with her. This girl is smart, funny, well rounded, nice to everyone she meets unless given a good reason not to be, sympathetic, empathetic, beautiful, curvy, and unbelievably fun to talk to. She has tattoos, piercings, a creative artsy mindset, and a caring friendly personality. She also has respect for the English language, so I can text her and not get replies back that look they came from a teenage computer…you know, L1K3 7H15, or w/e u guise b using these daze.
She’s damned near a perfect 10 as far as I’m concerned.

It sounds like I’m putting this girl on a pedestal, and maybe I am, but I’ve legitimately never met a girl like her before. She actually challenges my notions on certain issues and causes me to reevaluate my view of the world.

My concern is that I’m falling too fast, an issue that is not uncommon for me. I think that I started going out with my last girlfriend after knowing her for only a week or so. I thought that girl was amazing too, at the time, but that ended up burning out very quickly.
I also don’t want to let this girl slip through my fingers. I’ve actually known this girl for a number of years, and she’s been in a relationship for the majority of that time. I know I’m not the only one that sees all the amazing qualities in this girl, and if I hesitate to pull the trigger for too long, someone else will get in there who’s less afraid of his own internal conflicts. I’ve been out of the game for a while, I don’t know if I know what I’m doing anymore.

Cliff hanger. This is how it ends. I’d love to tell you that there’s a happy ending to this story, but that chapter hasn’t been written yet. And so that is where I have to leave you. Maybe the next time I post, I’ll be delivering some good news. Maybe I’ll have a podcast up and running. Maybe I’ll know where I’m at with this amazing girl…whether it be girlfriend, best friend, or continued pursuit.

Keep your fingers crossed for me boys and girls, until next time…

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp and your hearts open.

– CVSleen

Ribeye Steak with Blue Cheese Caesar Salad

Ribeye Steak with Blue Cheese Caesar Salad

  1. *crosses fingers & toes*
    I’m looking forward to the podcast! I won’t have my own project up until Spring Break, unfortunately. I blame the network here for the unfortunate delay. But everything’s filmed and edited.

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