I’m not sure if I’m ready for this break to end. In one hand, I’ve still got some things that I want to accomplish before school starts back up. On the other, I’ve got some production classes to look forward to, and I’m anxious to get back to that. Well, I say I’ve got things that I still want to accomplish, but mainly that’s just spending some Christmas money.

There is one thing though, I really wanted to finally try and get a tattoo before school starts back up. I thought that I had a design in mind…

bass cleff galaxy

…something like that, but I wanna add some speakers and some film strip to it for lettering. I guess I’m still trying to figure out what I want.
And, perhaps I’m still too chicken shit to go and do it. I’ve had a friend say that she’d go with me when I wanted to go, but I’m still not ready to commit without a better idea of what I want to have done. So once again, I may be sitting on this one for a while.

I also might have a project to work on before I go back, now that I’m thinking about it. I got a call from an old boss that wants a short little promo video done for the golf course that I used to work at, and the first person he thought of was me. Pretty cool. I was supposed to get a call back yesterday with more details, but that came and went, so we’ll see if this pans out at all. If it does, hey, maybe I can start letting my skills pay for themselves a little.

So, other than that, what am I looking forward to in the coming months? Here’s a list of the classes I’m taking:

RTVF 3210-001 Audio Production
RTVF 3230-001 Film Style Production
RTVF 4320-003 Electronic Media Law & Regulations
RTVF 4550-001 Cinema/Video Verite

I’ll explain what some of those classes are once we get syllabuses and stuff, but it’s a pretty nice 12 hours that should keep me plenty busy. Syllabuses…syllabi…sylla…eh? I don’t know.

I also will probably be starting up a project that I’ve been wanting to try and attempt doing for a couple of years now, a podcast. The guy that played the main character in my latest film, Recalibration, has an idea for a show that he’s only executed several occasions before, when he’s had people willing to do it. Well, the four of us that work on the film all were interested, so we are planning on starting up a weekly podcast once we all get back and start classes again. I’m kinda psyched about that. The format won’t be all that dissimilar to the Rooster Teeth Podcast. No points for originality for us, but something that I’ve learned that Hollywood seems to be doing spectacular at right now, “You don’t have to be original to be entertaining.

There is also the possibility of a small non-profit production that might occur in late March that I may or may not be helping with. I’m not trying to sound intentionally vague here. What I mean to say is that I’ll participate if the project directors can dot all their I’s and cross all their T’s. I may not have much more than a consulting role, and I really don’t want to consult on anything that isn’t well coordinated. I’m still waiting to see how that one pans out.

It’s nice to see stuff stacking up on the calendar though. Even though idle time is nice, there is only so much a creative mind can take before it starts to go rampant. That’s what’s nice about winter break: not too short and not too long. That…and the snow…

Xmas Card Raw

Yep, we had a White Christmas this year. The one day North Texas gets a decent amount of snowfall and it happens to be on Christmas. Sometimes, things just work out perfectly.

You might have noticed that I was out of town last week. Well, after we had this lovely little episode of snow on Christmas, we headed south the day after with our targets set on Port Aransas, Texas. Spent a week down there with one goal in mind: Relax. Mission achieved, and got a few cool pics while I was at it.






400 ponies

I always told Morgan we were going places, and now we have. Won’t be our last exotic photo session, but that’s all we have for today.

Before I go though, I have a question, which relates to next weeks post…or whenever I get around to it…

What is your favorite Science Fiction film?

I’ll be diving into the Sci-Fi genre in the next post, and I’d love to kinda “poll the audience” before jumping in feet first. You can either leave a response here, or wherever you’re attached to me with social media. I have links to both my Twitter and my Facebook on the toolbar to the <left< here, so don’t be shy, and drop me a line. Until next time…

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– CVSleen

An egg fried medium, with a little garlic salt and steak seasoning, muenster cheese, and a little bacon, between two pieces of sun-dried tomato bread. A variation on what we call, "The Art Burger."

An egg fried medium, with a little garlic salt and steak seasoning, muenster cheese, and a little bacon, between two pieces of sun-dried tomato bread. A variation on what we call, “The Art Burger.”


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