Good evening broads and blokes, how is everyone out there in the interwebz? Good? Good? Well, glad to hear it. I’ve been good too, thanks for asking. Y’all are so nice. So how does this thing go…oh yea! Time for Updates and New News.

That whole school thing is fully on again. I said last time that I was so ready to be back in an RTF class, and RTF Production will indeed be somewhat interesting. The plan is that they are going to run us through 3 different classes during the course of one semester: Audio, Film, and TV. I got started off in the Audio section, so it’s gonna be smooth sailing for the next couple of weeks. I mean, shiii, I finished Project 1 the day they assigned it, Like a boss.
(Not that Film or TV should be any less easy, but y’all know my forte.)

Spanish looks like it’s going to go just as well as a Spanish class will. Since we only meet twice a week, the already condensed semester is even further condensed. We have a midterm coming up next week. I know, WTF is exactly what I said. On the other hand, that Spanish Song I was talking about before, now titled “Mirar El Mundo Quemar” is coming along nicely. I’m looking forward to being able to turn it in.

So, what else is coming up in my schedule. I told you last time about all the Thousand Foot Krutch awesomeness that is on the horizon and the potential Linkin Park stuff that may or may not be coming up, so I’ll glaze over that for the time being.

As of 21 minutes ago, it became February. What does everyone think of when one mentions February? Black History Month…yea, that too, but what else? Right, Valentines Day. And when you’re single, what can be worse than a holiday dedicated to love? Enjoying this holiday the way that it was intended seems to be impossible for me. I got together with my last girlfriend at around this time last year, and as such, Valentines Day wasn’t that big of a deal. I chose to celebrate Chinese New Year last year. The year before that, my girlfriend at the time broke up with me the day before Valentines Day. I spent that Valentines Day drinking. This year…completely lacking a girlfriend…I think I may have a plan.

The Mass Effect 3 Demo drops February 14th. I feel like regardless of whether I was in a relationship or not, I’d be doing this anyways. In fact, girlfriends everywhere will fall victim to this same train of thought. Sorry ladies, priorities. Next year…who knows, maybe I’ll go back to the whole girlfriend or binge drinking thing again. This year is the year of the gamer.

I believe that I may have convinced myself that I want to cosplay at Akon. what What WHAT??? Yea, I’m thinking about taking it to that level. Believe it or not, it’s actually a thought that I’ve entertained for a while, but never gave any real thought to it until recently. I have a fair respect and interest in anime, comics, video games, and really all things Japanese, maybe not as much as some of my friends, but that’s why I say fair. So, the million dollar question: What will I be cosplaying? Those who know me know that there are a lot of options that might play out through my head…Mass Effect, Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man, Ghost in the Shell, or possibly even Assassin’s Creed. Well, the choice that I have made is Proto Man, from the Mega Man franchise. Here’s some reference for all those unfamiliar.

As the story goes, Proto Man is Mega Man’s older brother, the prototype model for all subsequent models that would follow. It was discovered later that a design flaw in his energy core would ultimately lead to his demise, and troubled by his incomplete status and his independency, being the only one of his kind, he ran away from his creator, Dr. Thomas Light. Before succumbing to his design flaw, he was discovered by the exiled scientist, Dr. Albert Wily, who after studying his design was able to convert his energy core to one that would function correctly. Dr. Wily also made other design changes to Proto Man, including the addition of his Proto Shield, helmet, and trademark visor, in an attempt to disguise his true identity from Dr. Light. Indebted to Dr. Wily, Proto Man served him under the alias of Break Man until his encounters with Mega Man caused him to realize Wily’s true intentions. Proto Man turned his back on Wily, aiding Mega Man. Proto Man however refused any kind of help from Dr. Light, still harboring feelings of mistrust towards him.

That, in a nutshell is my characters biography. Proto Man is a lone wolf, which I think fits well with myself. Designing the outfit looks easy enough. Their are a few items that will be hard to fabricate, but only a few. The biggest obstacle will be the helmet. I need to turn something like this:

…more into something like this:

It looks hard…but doable. The first obstacle is just getting a cheap helmet. I’ve decided that if I can actually get my hands on a helmet for pretty cheap, that I’m going to go for it and attempt the whole outfit.

I’ve got my work cut out for me. It should be worth it though, because with it, I’ll finally be able to go to a Kon, and finally be with my people.
This year is shaping up to be a good year if my schedule works out as anticipated. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Keep you heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– The Outlaw

  1. Miko S. says:

    Power to the nerds!!

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