Cowboys, Indians, Cops, and Lunatics

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Free Styling, The Rules
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Oh. My. Goodness. Friends and Followers, what a week we’ve had here. I need to give you a quick preview before we go fully in depth…there’s dancing, inebriation, costumes, police, flashing lights, firearms, and crazy people. Interests peeked? Good, I’d normally jump in with Updates and New News, but I wish to tell you a tale. So pull up a chair and strap in. If you wanna grab a drink, or maybe a snack, I’ll wait. We’re cool like that.

This afternoon was rather entertaining. I was on my way back from my morning class when I saw a police truck driving around with one of those mobile command stations that they usually set up in mall parking lots and raise up to 40 feet.

I thought, “Hmm, that’s fairly odd to be seeing around here.” As I’m halfway back from the bus stop, I see it pull into my neighborhood. Huh, that can’t be good. I get back to my house and see that the cops are setting it up across the street. Oh dang, someone must have ratted us out! Someone must have narc’d us out from our party the other night.
Oh that glorious glorious party. Let us go back a few days…it was a Friday.

Woosh woosh woosh (and other flashback noises)

Friday night started off like any other night. I was working on some homework and planning on watching a DVD or two and just have a quiet night, in anticipation of the impending activities the next night. My roommates had other plans. They, plus the next doors neighbors and other guests, decided to decided to come over to our place and pre-game for another party being held two houses down. Being the social creature that I am, I crawled out of my hole and joined the gang for pre-gaming activities. After a while, I decided that I was going to join them for the party, so as they went next door to do more pre-gaming and more preparation, I superman’d myself into a throwback costume from a couple years ago.

Sidebar- This picture is from 2008, so no, I didn’t magically grow my hair down to my shoulders in a week or so. I popped over next door and pre-gaming turned into full on partying and home-wreckery. (Rest assured, I was in no way responsible for any damaged goods.) We decided about then, maybe we should head to the real party. So we did, and we did. Within no time the party opened up to a full swing, and people started arriving in groves. A lot of people.

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t stick around very long. The room got packed, wall to wall. And there were a lot of disagreements going on. We sensed drama in the air, so some of us left before that D-bomb hit. The party spilled back over into our house so we could all stay chilled. There were a few efforts from members of the other party to get us to help them calm their party down, but we were sufficiently content in our laziness, and by in large let the other party self-destruct. I was tired though, and alas, things kept up at my house until about 4 in the morning.

The party wrapped, I slept, and tadaa! It’s Saturday. I won’t bore you with the menial details that brought us from Saturday morning to Saturday night, but in no time, it was party time. My friends were the first to arrive, and we were able to get in a few round of Fear Pong to start the night off right and put some wins in my corner. Unfortunately, my friends are adults, and had things they had to do in the morning, so they were also the first to leave. Thanks for coming though, had a blast.

The night continued, and the fun continued to increase and increase. I feel like their were 2 big things that were the catalyst for the party going as smoothly and serenely as it did: The house drink, and the house beats. I made this drink, a drink that I brought back from a grand and mysterious land. Some call it heaven, I like to call it Iowa. I may not have invented Apple Pie, but I did bring it to Denton Texas, and create a following for it. We tried to get everyone in attendance to take at least one shot, and everyone that did agreed; it was fantastic. We went through all of it, not a drop left. Definitely making good on one of my rules.
Rule #2: Don’t waste a good thing. (Pretty much also Gibbs’ Rule #5)
My roommates also had a slammin’ sound system set up with a playlist planned out for the entire night. The beats only got better as the night went on, and for the last 3 hours or so of the party, it was a big pants on dance off. (I can’t lie, pants stayed on tonight.) The party went on until the wee hours of the morning, until it was 4 AM again, and we had time to reflect on the amazing time that was just had.

Tales have been told about the epic nature of the party that was thrown here Saturday night. We have been commissioned to throw more, and more we shall. It looked though that someone might have blown the whistle when I got back from class today and saw the police setting up shop outside of our house. Thank goodness though that our fans are loyal, and that wasn’t the reason the cops were here. No, that was something different altogether.

Over our backyard fence is the Hampton Inn. At the Hampton Inn today was una loca mujer. A real crazy lady, that decided…what the hell, I wanna be crazy with a gun. So yea, we had a situation just beyond our backyard involving a crazy woman with a gun. And the police decided to set up there mobile command center in our front yard…landing us in between the police and crazy woman. Well, this is awesome. A cop at one point came up to the door and laid out the situation about as well as I just laid it out to you, and to say that we should stay on the bottom floor, stay inside, and crawl around if necessary. After we were told this, we did a lot of window watching. Outside my front window, we could see a lot of people carrying on about their usual business, and genuinely not giving a second thought to the whole situation. I don’t blame them either. There is a street in between our place and the hotel, and at one point we saw someone walking down the street, oblivious to the situation taking place. The police obviously didn’t expend a lot of effort clearing the area of civilians, so it couldn’t have been that bad of a situation.

It’s been crazy. It’s been intense. And yet, I’m still alive and kicking. Things are better than ever, and continue to find myself looking forward with a positive outlook.

‘I will be me, and you will be you. At the end of the day, that’s sometimes all we can do.’

I’ll leave you this time with a family pic of all the roommates. Hasta pronto, mi amigos.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– The Outlaw


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