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Posted: October 4, 2011 in Audio/Music, Free Styling, School, The Rules
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Hey y’all. I’m back. It’s been a couple of weeks here, I know. My classes have kept me plenty busy. Well, let’s get into it with some Updates and New News.

Probably my biggest news as of lately is that I got a letter in the mail this past weekend that tells me, essentially, that I’m being audited. Yea, you read that right, audited. I’m 24, how am I already having to deal with this crap. I’m not going to go into this in too great of detail. After all, these are my finances we’re talking about. What I will say, is that the “guy” assigned to my taxes “forgot” to report a number of my investments. Ugh. Once again, this is what I get for putting my faith in someone else. I think I had a rant on here in the past about hating group work, because I find people, generally, unreliable. My generalizations appear accurate yet again. I should follow my rules a little bit better.
Rule #11: Don’t believe what you’re told. Double check. (This is also Gibbs’ Rule #3, many of my rules are duplicates of his because, well, they’re good rules.)
It’s being dealt with, but lesson learned: I need to take a bigger role in my own finances, and not put all my trust in some “guy”.

I’ve been in school now for about a month and some change, so maybe I should give y’all a progress report. My Business Comm. class. It’s a joke. This is going to be one of the easiest classes I will take. Seriously, don’t worry about me here. My Español class on the other hand, much the opposite. Got my mid-term back for the front half of the class last week. Let’s just say that it needs work. I need to bare down and study, HARDER. I need to ignore a few more of these parties.

There’s another thing. Maybe I need to start respecting my liver a little bit more. My liver and I have fought so much recently, I think it wrote its congressman to complain. I’ll be on party hiatus for a while.

I made a post on the Book of Faces earlier today, that to paraphrase it said that my gut has had this feeling lately that something isn’t right.
Rule #1: Always trust your gut. It’s usually always right.
I don’t know what’s been wrong lately, but my dad made a suggestion that may be part of the reason why I’ve been feeling off, but not the whole truth. Let’s discuss.

Mi amigo Kevyn, the Duke of the Drums, as you know is in the Coast Guard. He just finished up with A-School and left today from Texas for his next assignment. (I also wish to extend him a formal congratulations on tearing it up in A-School and graduating at the top of his class. Your excellence is to be commended.) His next assignment waits for him in Ketchikan, Alaska. Yea, one of my best buddies is moving up to Alaska. What a trip, right? I’d be lying to say that it doesn’t affect me. Kevyn has been literally like a brother to me since the day I met him my freshman year of high school, and has been an essential piece of the mechanism that has turned me into a musician and audio engineer. It’s never easy to say goodbye, and though it’s hardly actually goodbye, 3000 miles is a difficult obstacle to deal with.

That’s a piece of the puzzle, but it ain’t the whole picture. Kevyn, as well as other people and events in my past are pieces to the mechanism that is my passion. I for a long time now have felt dispassionate. I feel like I’m removed from the source. I haven’t felt that same Oomph and Gusto in my life that made me the passionate person that I once was, not in quite a while. The mechanism isn’t gone, just its power. I need to find something else to fuel my fire. It’s hard not having my cornerstones around me anymore.

This kind of snapped for me today while I was in class, and a couple of my classmates where discussing a video they made recently. Now these guys are in my program (which I may add that hopefully I will get into at least A CLASS for it next semester) and are generally cool guys, so I don’t mind throwing them an endorsement. You can check out some of their work at Snap Brothers Productions. They kind of bounce ideas off of each other and build their passion through their camaraderie. Partners in crime you could say. I don’t have a partner in crime up here. I’m on my own up here. Even though I’m only 45 minutes away from what I’ve called home almost my entire life, it’s different knowing that there isn’t anyone to physically bounce ideas off of within 30 minutes of myself. My roommates are cool, but hardly share in the same passions that I do. In the past couple of years, Trinity and myself got a lot of work done, because we constantly had the ability to meet up and synergize. Not so easy anymore.
Sidebar – Add synergize to the dictionary.
I don’t even have Awaken anymore. To the best of my knowledge, most of that crew have graduated from Texas Wesleyan, and Patrick doesn’t work at Meadowbrook anymore. So that outlet is gone too.

Maybe once I actually get into some of the RTF classes I can meet some more of these guys and get some projects going. Maybe fuel the fire a little bit and get the wheels cranking. Until then, I need to keep looking for something to give me a little bit more shine.

Or…maybe this gut feeling is something else, and I’ve just been self-pitying a little too much recently. I dunno. I’m not dead and I’m not dying, I’m still very much alive. I just need a muse. Anyone care to submit an application? Yea…okay…just drop it in the mail slot if you change your mind.

I’ll leave you with a few pics of some of the work I’ve done on Morgan recently. Take it easy guys.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– The Outlaw

  1. Miko S. says:

    If you ever need help in Spanish, I’d be happy to help.
    I have the opposing problem. I have too many muses. I have to tame them…tell them to wait until I get some free time to process all my thoughts. But I can sympathize with the lack of having a “partner in crime”. Mine got married, moved, and is having a baby. lol The rest of my close friends are 2-7 hours away.
    And I’m sure being in more RTF classes will help. It’s making me squirm that I can’t move forward faster. lol

  2. Outlaw says:

    I think I just studied wrong for that test. Should have taken a few more breaks to help it sink in. I might take you up on that though if I can’t get it together.

    I didn’t know you were an RTF major. Are you taking any classes, or did you get registered too late, and locked out like me? Lol.

    • Miko S. says:

      Yeah, I’m in 2 RTF classes. Those 2 guys are in one of them. At first, I thought we’d be, I don’t know…competition? But it seems like we’re in 2 different categories.

  3. Outlaw says:

    I’d think everyone was in to help each other. At least that’s how it was at Tarrant County College. You wanna be the best, of course, but it’s still fun to see what everyone else does, lol.

    I’m dying not being in any classes, lol.

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