Misery, Love, and Company

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Free Styling, School
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Hey party people. What’s up? That’s a rhetorical question, you don’t need to answer. Well, things are finally starting to settle down around here and become more routine. Lots of things have been happening around the world though, so let’s get into some Updates and New News.

Hockey was served a sobering blow this afternoon in Russia. A plane carrying the Lokomotiv hockey team from Yaroslavl to Minsk crashed this afternoon, killing the majority of the hockey club. All together 43 people were killed in the crash, and another 2 were seriously injured. You guys that know me know that if there is one sport that can really get me going nuts is hockey. My prayers go out to all those that are effected by the deaths of these athletes. It’s a sad day for the world of hockey.

I heard that there was an accident at one of the apartments I was considering before I chose the Retreat. What I had heard is that 3 guys were standing on there balcony of their 3rd floor apartment at the Grove when it collapsed on them and they fell 3 stories. I’m glad now that passed on the Grove. I met a girl at a party that told me that everything they told us about the units was a lie. The layout was wrong, there wasn’t any hot water on move in day, and the apartments just had a lot of dings and scuffs. Spokespeople from the Grove said that the balconies were not meant to be load bearing. I thought that was an absolute load of bull, but seeing how big the balconies actually are, I guess I can believe that.

^This is the unit after the balcony fell.^

^This is a unit with the balcony apparently intact.^

Doesn’t look like there’s much to the balcony. I don’t know if you can really even consider that a balcony. It looks more like an enclosure just so you can have a door to the outside. Weird. Well, my prayers go out to those 3 guys too. I’d be absolutely pissed if I went out on my ‘balcony’ for a smoke and ended up falling 3 stories down to my car.

This stuff is a tad on the depressing side. Let’s move away from all this death and injury. In my last post I was ridiculously excited about Trinity and Chelsie’s wedding. Well, it’s over and done now…and it was AWESOME! The ceremony was so breath-taking and gorgeous. Oh, and I wept. I cried like a baby. I don’t care who knows. This is my friend, whom I have known my entire life, on the best day of his. I held it together for a while, but when he started struggling through his vows, obviously trying to hold himself together, I knew that he was in an emotional state, paramount to anything he has ever felt before. When that realization hit me, that I was witnessing him at the happiest moment of his life to date, it got to me. I’m so proud and happy for Trinity and Chelsie. I know that Trinity reads this, so I’d like to thank you for letting me be part of the best day of your life. It’s not a privilege that I take lightly, like a few others.
And the reception was off the chain too. It sucks that my date had to leave early for whatever reason, but I didn’t let it ruin my fun. Even though those tux shoes were digging into my heals, I was out there dancing about as much as I could.
I hope that they have a truly awesome time in Jamaica. A little someone close to them packed a little “care package” for them to ensure that they have fun. May the force be with you Trin.

Hmm, what else do I have going on. I can’t really think of much. Things are kind of calming down a little now that I’m back at home and school is on.
Ooh, had a date last night! Well kind of. Julia, one of the Bruce’s foreign exchange students from high school came into town for the wedding. I got pretty close to her while she was here, at least as friendly as possible. And I certainly missed her when she left. I really wanted to spend some one on one time with her before she left, and fortunately she had a free afternoon. So, I decided to take her out to dinner last night so we could catch up on lost time. Good times were had.

It’s been a good week for me. Hopefully things continue on that way, and that the rest of the world starts looking a little brighter as well.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– The Outlaw


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