Lunch Packed Up and Boots Tied Tight

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Free Styling, School, Vacation/Travel
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Hey boys and girls and androgynous figures of questionable gender. I’m back in Denton, back from great and pleasant land of California. Ah, I miss the weather, the city, the Nika…oh Texas, why must thou torture me with the continuous heat. They say that the heat should be subsiding soon. I’ll believe it when it shows up on my doorstep.

Enough about the weather, let’s talk about….me! So, Updates and New News. At this point, school has been back in session for about a week. I know I left y’all hanging about the status of that one RTF class. Well, they said that it would pop up on the website if I got into it, and I never saw anything. I didn’t even know for sure if there were going to be any drops in there. It was wishful thinking, I’ll get it next semester. With that decided, I know the classes that I’m sticking with through this semester. One of them is:

MGMT 3330.001 Communications in Business

Do actually need this class….no. Right now, it’s filling the spot of an elective. My electives are full, so I’m essentially just taking it for the hell of it. It’s a business class though, and since I want to own my own business at some point, it’s probably not a bad class to take.

The other class I’m in(yes, I said other, not others. I did get my application in late, lest we not forget) is:

SPAN 1010.001 and SPAN 1020.001 Elementary Spanish

If you think that doesn’t read correctly, don’t adjust your monitors, let me explain. There were 3 sections for Elementary Spanish. Sections 2 and 3 were both heavy computer classes, and I’ve learned that me and computer classes don’t mix. The one class that I didn’t get an A in at TCC was a computer class, so there you go. The 1st section, the only one left, was an accelerated course. Accelerated in the sense that in one semester, we are going to knock out two classes worth of knowledge. And we are going fast.

¡Hola! Me llamo Corey. Encantado ¿Comó estás?

Well that’s what they drove in on day one. We’re barely into week 1 and we’re already in chapter 2. I’m glad I have a lot of time on my hands, well at least glad that I’m not a full time student. I’m going to need a lot of time to focus on this class. I’ll have a hard enough time focusing in class, our professor is very easy on the eyes. I wish I had her permission to put a picture of her up, believe me, she has my full attention…but not on the book.

I’m getting excited. In two days, one of my best friends is getting married to the girl he loves. I gotta give a shout out, Trinity Bruce and Chelsie Carr, I am so happy and excited for you both! I like to consider myself an accomplished crafter of words, but I can’t put the words together to describe how incredibly ecstatic I am that my friends are going to join themselves together in holy matrimony. It’s such a beautiful thing. I just, wow, so excited. I can’t let myself ramble on here, so I have to force myself to move on.

It’s weird being out on my own again. Well, so to speak. I’m hardly on my own…I mean, I have 3 roommates and live only 45 minutes from my parents house. But I AM out of the house, living my life on my own terms. I find myself looking around my room every now and then and finding it hard to believe that it’s not connected to a house where my parents are downstairs. This is going to test me this year. I’ve been on a good track for several years now, but I think up to this point I’ve just been beta testing a new version of myself. I’m still waiting to see if the actual new version of myself is going to function like the beta did when its roots are transplanted to a new soil.

I hope I surprise myself. I’m optimistic that I can keep myself from reverting back onto my old tendencies. Before I went to TCC, I didn’t really have the best track record. Hell, I might as well just have taken my first year off after high school. I loved my time at the University of Oklahoma, probably a little too much. I formed some bad habits then, and it’s taken me a long time to break them. What was the catalyst to the formation of these bad habits? Freedom. For the first time I was out on my own, and I wanted to take full advantage of it. I honestly wasn’t ready.

I know now what kind of work it takes to succeed in university studies. But I’m also free again. Let’s see how this plays out. Like I said, I’m optimistic.

That’s a little bit of an aloof, mysterious note to leave y’all on. So I’ll leave y’all with a little bit of hope. I cooked dinner for myself the other night. Self sufficiency baby steps. It ain’t much, but it’s a start. I can make it. I can do this.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– The Outlaw


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