This post comes to you still from bed. It was a little bit of an early morning. I know I’m on vacation, but I had a little business I had to take care of at 7 in the morning. Now, that’s 7 central. I fell asleep in the west coast time zone. So yea, I was up at around 5w to deal with this business.

Well, let’s get into it with Updates and New News.
I told y’all before that UNT gave me a call and were gonna let me register a little earlier than anticipated. That was my business this morning. So I was up at 5AM, ready for registration to open up and for my holds to be released. Only 1 of those 2 things actually happened. Care to guess? If you guessed registration opening up, as scheduled, well, you’re wrong. Don’t worry, it’s not a contest. So my hold wasn’t released, as promised. What do I do at this point? Because none of the offices open up until 9c/7w. I called everyone I could find in my phone from the UNT offices, but nobody was picking up. I’m a little out of my element here, working off my mom’s laptop in a hotel room at 5 in the morning. I’m off my game and tired as hell. I had resigned myself to going back to bed for a couple of hours to wait until the offices filled up. My dad had other things in mind, and evidently has built himself some contacts at UNT(Hey, he’s retired and needs to find stuff to occupy his day). He reached out to his contact and got some magic to happen before 9c/7w, and before I know it I’m back up and finalizing my registration before the open of business.
I owe this one to my dad. He threw a hail mary this morning and hit his receiver. Thanks dad, I owe you 1…or 30.

So I’ve got my classes, at least 7 hours worth at this point. Wunderbar. I’ll celebrate a little down at the wharf and pier 39 later this afternoon.
Let’s pick up where I left off last time.

Tuesday morning we set off for San Francisco from Monterrey. This was a slow transition day. The car ride from Monterrey was about 3 hours. I did as I usually do with car rides over an hour where I’m not driving, and passed the hell out in the back seat. Woke up several times along the way, saw parts of Santa Cruz and San Jose on the way up, but mostly just enjoyed a laziesta in the back seat.
Sidebar – Laziesta, another word from my personal dictionary. The meaning is fairly obvious. Won’t work on Words With Friends.

Sleeping in a car is always weird, because you never arrive at your destination alert and ready to be really active. So we got ourselves checked in and settled in to our hotel room. We didn’t really have anything planned for the rest of the day other than going out to eat somewhere in Chinatown, so when the time came to get out I had gotten my energy back. Thank God, because I wasn’t ready for our cab ride. This guy drove like a bat out of hell, cutting people off, zipping through the streets like he owned them, but nonetheless, he was fearless. I could learn a thing or two. It felt like nothing flat before he got us to the restaurant, Panang Garden. They say say that you can tell you’re in a good restaurant when you are surrounded by the locals. Well, we were in Chinatown, and we were the only American faces to be seen.
I did not expect to go to Chinatown and have one of the best meals that I’d had in a long time. Wow, that food was so good! Tom Yum Soup and Hot and Spicy Shrimp. I was sweating bullets, but that was so full of flavor! It’s gonna be hard to beat that for the rest of the week, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna try.


So, after a delicious meal that had me Needing a towel for all the sweat, we call it a day and get some sleep.

Yesterday morning had us getting up pretty early. We had to be down in the lobby, ready to go, at 8 for a bus tour of the city. I feel like we got a fast paced view of just about everything; Russian Hills, Little Italy, Chinatown, the Wharf, the Capital, and everything in between. We got a few chances to stop and take some pictures, but we spent most of the morning on that bus, hurricaning around the city.


We were dropped off at Pier 33 around lunch time with about 30-45 minutes to spare before moving on to our next excursion. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and jumped on the boat. Destination: Alcatraz! I was expecting some jaded, Discovery Channel b.s. but the tour through was actually pretty cool and informative. Dang, those fools had it pretty tough in there. No climate control or anything. If it’s freezing outside, then yea, you’re going to freeze inside. I pray that if I ever mess up bad enough later in life that I have to go to jail, that it’s some white collar place with amenities(Second thought, let’s just pray that I don’t mess up that bad). Yea, after seeing that place, you count your blessings.

The boat brought us back to Pier 33, and we had some time to kill before the bus got back to take us to the hotel. We decided to run over to Pier 39 to check out what kind stuff they had out there. Talk about sensory overload, even with my head on a swivel, I missed about 60% of what was going on, glad we’re going back this afternoon.


After that we stopped off and had a quick beer by the pier, rode our bus back to the hotel, had dinner at a place called Kuleti’s for dinner, and turned in for the night. It was probably only 10 or 11 at that point, but as y’all know, I had an early morning.

The adventure continues, and as always, I’ll try to keep you posted.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– The Outlaw



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