Wild Wild West

Posted: August 16, 2011 in Free Styling, Vacation/Travel
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Hey y’all, I’m writing to you this time with a special purpose! My quest for relaxation, invigoration, and recalibration for mental creation at the destination in the state of Californication. Güten Abend from sunny Monterrey, California! I’m also composing this on my iPhone for the first time, so let’s hope the formatting doesn’t suffer.

Let’s start off with the usual, Updates and New News.

I left y’all off while I was in limbo with being able to register for classes. Well, I got the call the other day that they were going to move my day up to the 18th, so I’ll be able to get in there 6 days earlier than anticipated. It’s still cutting it pretty close, but it’s a lot better than the day before classes start. Good news, proving patience pays off if you’re just willing to have a little.

Hmm, let’s work forward chronologically from there. After I found out that little piece of good news, I found myself staring at Saturday morning, the day of my amigo, Trinity’s bachelor party…a day which shall live deeply suppressed in his memory. Seriously, I’m told he doesn’t remember a thing, which is probably a good thing given the circumstances. I’ll leave this as one of those, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” type situations, and just tell you that you had to be there. I will tell you though, it was a blast.


Well, after a long night filled with lots of insobrietus activity, I find myself up early on a Sunday morning. I’m still a little tipsy, smelling slightly of last nights activities, and looking at a 3-hour plane flight. I need sleep. Well, my parents decided to upgrade all of our tickets to business class, right on the spot during check-in, a nice little bonus. Now I can actually relax, and get in some of that sleep time that I lost.
Sidebar – Yes, I made insobrietus up. If you end up using it your self in the future, you’re welcome.

So 3 hours come and go, I wake up, deboard, grab my bags, and walk outside to 67 degree weather. Oh my God! I get on the plane at 100 degree-ish temperatures and get off to a 30 degree drop. Oh hell yea. It’s gonna be a good week. 60’s all week? Only fluctuates between 10-15 degrees? Hell yea. I’ve been missing this.
We’ve got a car ready and waiting for us so we jump in and head for highway 1. Highway 1 pretty much runs all the way down the coastline. So we got about three hours of looking at beautiful beaches and strawberry stands that lead us straight do to our first California destination, Carmel.

The first thing that hits me about Carmel is that it feels so quaint, kind of like the way Crested Butte does (it’s a ski resort in Colorado, not far from Gunnison). It also felt, in the same way, that it was a small town consumed with tourism. Kind of a moronic point as this is seen through the eyes of a tourist, but hopefully you get where I’m coming from. Regardless, I’d thought up until this point that Texas was a cultural melting pot. I clearly know nothing, as my eyes were opened to more people speaking so many different languages, so far beyond my comprehension, all in one place. German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, all number of American dialects and more. It blew my mind.
This is one of the reasons that I love leaving home base every now and then, DFW just can’t expand my mind or my horizons anymore.


Speaking of love, I may have fallen in love when we went to dinner that night. Our waitress was the most charming, witty, intelligent, funny, and beautiful girl I’ve met in a while. She wasn’t even a California bombshell, she’s from Russia, over here living out the American dream. Ugh, why did we only spend one night in Carmel? Alas, Te amo Nika.

This morning we woke up and it was feeling absolutely perfect outside.


Perfect. We took off at about 11 and headed for 17-mile-drive, a little loop between Carmel and Monterrey where you see some real cool coastal scenery, including a bunch of golf courses. We stopped in Pebble Beach and got lunch at this little deli that had a refreshing little picnic spot.
I’m really not holding back on y’all today. This post is all sunshine, kittens, and rainbows. Isn’t this relaxed version of myself better than the potty mouth y’all got on my last post?
Anyways, delightful picnic at Pebble Beach. My golf buddies are going nuts right now(You ate at Pebble Beach and didn’t play, wtf?), but sorry guys. I wasn’t wearing the right footware.
We finish up 17-mile-drive and head for Monterrey. Carmel and Monterrey are only like 4 miles apart to begin with, so it wasn’t much of a drive. We check into our hotel and decide to go down into town and check out the Aquarium. Apparently Monterrey’s aquarium is world renowned for its…I have no idea. World renowned or not, $30 is a lot to pay for a few hours of entertainment(good clean family style fun guys). We decided to just walk around the downtown cannery area instead. Hit some shops, bought some merchandise, and stopped for a beer. Even had a nice chat with some folks from Munich, Germany. Turns out the 3 years of German I took in high school did come in handy, as I was able to tell them, in fluent sounding German, that I spoke German…very poorly. Education at work.

It’s been a good night. We had dinner, and now I’m back on our porch with a drink in hand.
More reports from paradise in a couple of days hopefully.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– The Outlaw



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