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Posted: August 11, 2011 in Free Styling, School
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The page has been turned, and another chapter has begun writing itself. What number are we on? Hell, I’m not keeping track.

Let’s jump in with Updates and New News.
Where we last left off on my previous post, I was sitting in limbo, waiting for UNT to accept me so I could get on with moving forward. Since then I have indeed been accepted. If fact, I think it happened the day after I made that post. Calling them every day may not light a fire under their asses, but certainly annoys them to the point that they just want to get you off their back. I guess my daddy taught me well. I would have thrown in a post with that little tid-bit of info, but hey, I got busy with the moving forward.

The next order of business after getting accepted was to seal in a place for me to live. I’d checked out a bunch of apartments on my second trip up to Denton, put together a selection, and did some homework narrowing down the field. After a little deliberation within myself, I decided on The Retreat, which is less an apartment complex and more of a cottage/town home complex. All these units have massive floor plans, individual leasing, all bills paid (including cable/internet), and had the choice of being furnished. Yea, sounded good to me too. I jumped on that. The move in date for The Retreat is August 1st. If anyone is keeping track of what day it is…yep, that’s the past. I’m already living and functioning in Denton.

So, I’m a student at UNT, and now a Denton resident…awesome. What do my classes look like? Friggin’ hell. Friggin’ Hell I say. I tell people that this is a long story, but that’s what this is here for, so I shall continue.
I was told when I submitted my application to the university that it would be considered a late application, and thusly I’d have to pay an additional fee. I thought, “Whatever, another 30 or so bucks is a small price to pay to push my application through, given its lateness.” I thought that would be the end. Oh, I was so wrong. I was lucky that I bugged the crap out of them, and sped my application through. Since I and they did, I was able to get into the Orientation session on July 29th. Orientation started off pretty well, I even won a hat in a raffle! One of the speakers happened to mention that anyone who had submitted a late application would be unable to register for classes that day, and would have to wait until August 24th. The day before classes start.
::Raises hand::
“Um, what the crap, sir?”
So, they wait for me to turn my back and then hit me with this sucker punch, Late Registration. Well crap. Really? Fuck. French, sorry. I’ll try and watch my friggin’ mouth. I tried my same tactic as before and bugged the crap out of whoever I could with calls and emails, but this time they refused to budge on their position. So I’m gonna have to wait until August 24th, the day before classes start to get up and try to register for classes at 7 in the morning. My thinking is that the operative word in their is try. I’m looking at this from the perspective of, there aren’t gonna be any classes left by the time I get around to registering. If I follow that train of logic forward, then in a months time I’ll be a UNT student, paying rent for an apartment in Denton, and not taking any classes. Kind of defeats the purpose of moving up here, doncha think?

To add insult to injury, I find out later on in the day of Orientation that there aren’t any Radio/Television/Film classes left open. None. Null. Zip. What the hell? Meaning that even those people that could register for classes that day, their’s nothing left in my department to jump in on. I know that this department is a popular one, but Jesus’ knees dude, that’s nuts.
Sidebar – the easiest way/best time to add insult to injury is when signing someone else’s cast. Keep that in mind.
On top of that, there is this “Pre-Major” nonsense that students have to go through before actually being allowed into the RTF school. That further restricts the classes that I’m not allowed to sign up for. I want to stop swearing, but there is a big bag of fun words just ready to roll off the tip of my tongue.

It will be a miracle if I can get more than 7 hours this semester, if any. I really need that miracle too, so I ought to clean up my mouth a little.

I could be mad. My language actually suggests that I am quite sincerely. It’s more frustration than anything else though. If the last chapter of my life has taught me anything, it’s that a little positive outlook can go a long way. I can live with frustration. All I have to do is close my eyes, take a deep breath, calm down a little, and have faith that this situation will sort itself out if I don’t freak out. One way or another, this is gonna work out, and this chapter will continue to write itself.

If all else fails. I’ve got myself one hell of a party pad. Even if the parties don’t happen here all the time, I’ve been to 3 parties already, and I’ve only been here a little over a week.
Life can give you lemons, and you find yourself in a sour situation. You add a little water and sugar, the situation becomes much sweeter. Add alcohol, and panties drop. Ha ha. Well, not necessarily, but you get what I mean.

I also want to reference a post that I made back on February 3rd. I talked about being snowed in at my house, and the current temperature at the time was 13 degrees.

The majority of my followers are residents of the same great state that I am, but if anyone is reading this that doesn’t live in Texas, we’ve been having one hell of a weird weather year.
If today gets above 100 degrees, which it will, it will be the 40th consecutive day of temperatures going above 100 degrees (Maybe it’s 39 or 41, I dunno, a quick Google search tells me this). The current record in this area was set back in 1980, with 42 straight days of blistering triple-digit temperatures. Remember what I just said. In this same year it got down to 13 degrees, probably down in single digits in the early morning. What the hell. Texas is known for having some crazy weather, but this year has been ridiculus. Just saying, Satan called, said it’s freezing down there, and wants his heat back.

Keep your heads up, your minds sharp, and your hearts open.

– The Outlaw


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