Kevyn got back into town recently. Always good to see him with as little as he is ever in the area. Not surprisingly, he’s had the same itis that both Trinity and I have had for a while, we want more music and more musical equipment. Color me suprised though when we made a trek to Guitar Center the other day and ended up walking out having fulfilled Kevyn’s itis.

I sit here in my studio looking at a brand new electric drum kit? Holy hell. This thing sounds so amazing! Just the quality of the samples, and the variety is unbelievable. I remember just years ago when we were making complaints that an electric kit sounded so fake, and couldn’t accurately recreate the sounds of a real kit. Technology has come such a long way.

We through this thing into recording mode almost immediately, and Oh My God……..we can get a quality drum recording now! I remember how even with a good quality drum mic kit, we would struggle so hard to get a decent quality recording. Now all we need are two little cables, and recording has never been so easy.

Have you ever seen that AT&T commercial where you have two musicians in the same band that are separated by a country, and can still record with each other remotely. I feel like that is a distinct possibility now. Think about recording via Skype, or some similar concept…it’s a new age for recording. I’m so excited right now!

And don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited about the music industry and how this remote recording could really begin to affect it, but I’m really excited to pound out some awesome drum stuff here!

It’s going to be a fun two weeks!

– The Outlaw


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