First New Single

Posted: May 12, 2011 in Audio/Music, Eastchase, Outlaw Productions
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Like I said, expect another post later in the day.

I have it up on the web now, so it’s time that the announcement should be made. I am extremely glad to present to you, the first single off our new album, I’m Gone. Trinity and I have worked really hard on this project. Both of us have been really excited to be working on something new, especially a video.

This is only the beginning, their is a lot of album left to go. If you like this, then there is a lot more good coming your way. As always though, it’s a long and slow process. But it’s nice to finally give you a glimpse into the massive project that we’ve been working on.

Without further adue, I give you, I’m Gone. Produced and Directed by yours truly, and starring Trinity Bruce and myself.

I’m Gone – Eastchase

I would also like to thank Chelsie Carr, Jason Kershner, and my dad (Tom VanderSleen) for all their help in shooting the video.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us, and who continues to do so.

– The Outlaw


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