Wonderful Infection

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Audio/Music

I had a very strange occurrence happen to me today. Well, maybe not very strange, but certainly odd. As I was leaving class amongst the heard of others, headed to my car, there was some dude in the pack that was singing. Just one dude, stuck in his headphones, singing out loud. I couldn’t tell whether he was unaware that he was singing out loud, or whether he didn’t care, but he was wailing.

The guy was somewhere behind me, so I looked over my shoulder to identify who it was. After I spotted him, I noticed everybody in the herds reaction to him, cause this guy had our attention, whether aware of it or not. Everybody, whether laughing at him, with him, or intrigued by him, was smiling wide, myself including.

As I continued to walk, leaving him further and further behind me, it struck me how he had inadvertently just impacted all of our days. With a little song, and a little free spirit, he put a smile on the face of…oh, about 30 people. And for all of us, our day was made a little better because some random occurrence made us smile.

This is why I love music. You can get so lost in it that you become blissfully unaware that you’ve become a walking loudspeaker. It can put you in another place, far away from where you actually are.

I love the little ways that God moves us. All the sudden, in a southbound herd of college students, there was spontaneous jubilation.

What a wonderful infection.

– The Outlaw


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