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Didn’t I say that I’d keep up with this thing. Well, if you called me a liar, I’d have a hard time refuting you.

I had planned on making a series of posts for the “I am Jonah” Awaken series, but due to some unforeseen complications, the recordings didn’t really happen. Meh, sorry guys, what are you gonna do.

It probably didn’t help that school has been so hectic, I feel like I’ve been struggling to keep my head above water the past couple of weeks. It also didn’t help that I had to miss a really important class to go to the rescheduled Linkin Park concert. Did I say ‘had to’, yea, I did. Come on, priorities.

Speaking of which, that concert was so freaking awesome. I felt like I was a deaf mute the following day. But you guys do live concerts, you don’t need me to tell you how awesome it is to see your favorite band live. It was still one hell of a concert. Anyways, moving on…

So, I have a girlfriend now! If you really know me, then you know how big of a change for me this is. I haven’t been in a real relationship for a year, and before that…goodness, I can’t even remember. This is truly awesome for me. I haven’t felt this happy in a long time. I really hope this one works out for me. Keep you fingers crossed!

Well, since this is blog that is more primarily about music, and my musical activities, I’ve got some news. I have an assignment later on in the semester to make a music video. Given that we get to pick whatever talent we want for the video, I felt like this would be the perfect opportunity to make Eastchase’s first music video. Trinity and I had our first preproduction meeting last night, and we’ve got some good ideas, some REALLY good ideas. I wish I could say more about it, but I don’t wanna give out too many details, at least until I get around to post production. But, seeing as we haven’t even gotten into principle photography yet, I really don’t wanna say much. I’m putting some serious thought into this though. I’ve got 18+ shots and 4 locations planned out.

I don’t know, I getting really pumped up about this. It’s just a class assignment, but it has the potential to be so much more, and I’m visualizing all of that potential. This feels like the first big project that I’ve decided to undertake since going in the direction that I did. It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted preproduction anyways. I’m rambling, I’m excited.

I’ve got a lot of stuff piling up on me. I’m bound to get pretty stressed as the weeks move on. Heck, I pick back up with work at Lone Star here in a month or so. But not all the stuff that I’ve got on my plate is bad. This music video, while being a little stressful I’m sure, is going to be awesome. And my girlfriend is going to be there for me through everything. The bad is well balanced with all the good I have now. Good times are upon me.

Expect more news soon regarding the video soon. You know how often I update though, so the next news may be a couple of weeks to a month off, let’s just be realistic here.

I’ll leave you with some of the pics from the Linkin Park concert.

– The Outlaw