End of the Tunnel

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Audio/Music, Eastchase
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Well, the Grand Master of Rhythm, Señor Kevyn Kersen, departed from us again yesterday. He had leave for week, and we were not only able to hang with him for that week, but we were also able to squeeze a drum part or two out of him. It was good to see him again. Aside from all the fun and mischief that we got ourselves into, it was nice to be reminded of how much fun simply jamming out with friends could be when all the elements were intact.

It’s nice to return back to that perspective every now and then. We spend so much time trying to squeeze every once of creativity out of our brains, that it’s sometimes easy to forgot what it’s like to just turn the brain off and bounce stuff off of each other, and just let the flow go in whatever direction it so desires. Not that trying to milk creativity isn’t fun, but it felt good to get back to our roots for a few days.

Speaking of the creative side, we made a series of small, yet important decisions today. For starters, as I have mentioned before, we are indeed looking to make a new album! The album will more than likely be an EP, depending on how many songs make our final cut. That leads me to the next decision made; we agreed upon a small list of songs from the large library of material that we want to move forward with. Some of it is older material, some of it is extremely fresh, and some of it is still a little iffy, but mainly, it has been agreed upon. At this moment, 10 songs are on this list. We are going to try to focus all of our energy on these songs, and not let new material or other older material distract us. Some of these 10 songs may get cut later on, but we want to have a good selection to build an album on, so for now the count is 10.

I mentioned that while Kevyn was in town, we were able to get a drum track or two out of him. The drum recordings that we were able to get done go to one of the songs undoubtedly made our list. That song is getting pretty close to being as complete as we can make it; the lyrics are coming along, and the song has that “wall of sound” that we look to create. Once we push the song to the point that Trin and I can’t possibly push it anymore, we intend to turn it loose.

The way that Trin and I see it, there is only so much that two people can do, and there are certain things that at this point, we straight up can’t accomplish. The two main things are drums and singing (again, thanks Kev for donating some of your time this past week to the good cause). Trin and I can try to sing all that we are able until we are blue in the face. Some people will tell us that we sound fine, but for the two of us, we just don’t make the cut.

Our intent will be to put as complete of a version of our new song as we can make out there, and open it up to our friends and colleagues. Maybe we can find the voice that we want among our existing circle of friends and acquaintances. It’s a scary prospect; to open up our creative process to someone new again. Especially given the results the last time we did. I think though that it’s a necessity, given our small number. All musicians dream of sharing there ideas with the world, most though intend to do so after their idea were finished. We did always want to be different.

We’ve got a lot of work in front of us still, but even now we can see a glimpse of what the new album is going to sound like. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m excited.

I usually like to throw in a picture of some kind at the end of each post. Somewhat coincidentally I used the Eastchase logo that I made for the band such a long time ago. During some of our down time this past week, Trinity and I put our heads together and came up with some machups for a new logo. Coincidence…more like providence. Everything is starting to come together now, and it’s starting to look a lot like progress.

– The Outlaw


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