Above and Beyond

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Audio/Music, Eastchase, Influences
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Linkin Park announced their winner over the weekend. The guy’s name is Czeslaw (or just Chex) and he hails from Swidnica, Poland. While Trin and myself aren’t thrilled at not being selected, or even being in the top 20, I have to admit; they picked what seems to be a real stand up guy, with a really good mix. My dad would say that Chex’s mix sounds like garbage and noise, but he also has old ears ,and doesn’t really get behind the whole techno thing. The only thing that really bothers Trin and I is that some people made it into the top 20 that were trash talking other people’s mixes. Also, some mixes made it into the top 20 that I felt violated the rules, i.e. no vocals other than those provided by Linkin Park. Oh well, it’s not my contest to run. And if it was, there is no way I could have sifted through the some 2500 submissions and narrow it down to 20 finalists, so they are to be commended.

It’s not a good idea to dwell on it too much, so we’re moving on. Hopefully though, we can set our sites in a different location. Higher. What I mean by that, is that probably since we started Eastchase, we saw Linkin Park as the pinnacle of rock existence, and have strived to sound like them. Linkin Park is changing, evolving some would say, and we’re not sure if we like their new direction. Not a big deal to most people, but with them being such a huge influence in our own music, it’s hard to not feel strongly conflicted. There may be a little hope, based on the release of their official version of “The Catalyst”, but I’m not going to hold my breath this time around.

We used to thing that shooting for Linkin Park was as high as we could shoot. I think we can shoot higher now. If their new album turns out like the techno-palooza that we’re now expecting it to be, well, I’ll be looking for other influences.

Just the thought of it has had me looking for inspiration elsewhere, and I’ve been finding it in unexpected places. I’ve thought about all the different kinds of music I’ve listened to over the years and I remembered that I’d overlooked some stuff. Back in junior high and high school I’d made some cds with lots of music from games that I used to play, and listened to those cds a lot, like enough to consider some of my old games on my list of favorite bands.

I’ve been hard at work trying to write a cover song to one of the levels from an old favorite game, and it’s actually coming along pretty well. Trinity said the concept sounded like 8-bit Saosin.

Regardless, Trinity and I are continuing to move forward, above, and beyond all of our obstacles. With directionality questionable, there is no telling what we’ll be on the other side of the tunnel, but we’ll be there.

– The Outlaw


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