Minutes to Midnight, Hours till Outcome

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Audio/Music, Free Styling, Influences
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The time until the announcement of the winner of the “Linkin Park Featuring You” contest continues to tick away. Mike Shinoda tells us that at some point this weekend, probably tomorrow, Linkin Park will let us all know who the 20 finalists are, and inevitably the winner as well.

On July 12th, the contest kicked off, the purpose being to take a few stems from their upcoming single, “The Catalyst” and remix them, add some of our own flavor, and submit them in a battle royale for Linkin Park bragging rights. Contestants had about a week and a half to get their tracks together, and submit themselves to a public vote, to help Linkin Park make their selection. The public polls closed this past weekend, and my submission ended up coming in 135th place, in the public pole at least. That’s nothing to sneeze at considering that there were probably about 2500 submissions in total, that’s still top 6% or so. You can listen for yourself and see what you think.


It’s ultimately up to Linkin Park to decide. They have their 20 finalists, heck, they’ve picked their winner. All of us contestants meanwhile sit and hold our breath with our collective fingers crossed.

The winner of this contest will get their submission included on their upcoming album, “A Thousand Suns” as a bonus track. Linkin Park is also going to jet the winner out to California to meet the band, hang out and ask them some questions, and hook them up with $1000 in victory money.

I had a hard time sleeping last night knowing that LP has a winner in mind, and I’m willing to bet that sleep will be a hard fought victory again tonight. Hard fought is the way I like it though, it’s never as satisfying if it’s easy to come by.

I want to thank everybody that helped be stay so high in the rankings, everybody that is keeping their fingers crossed for me too, your help has been much appreciated.

– The Outlaw

“A Thousand Suns” Album Cover


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